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Ready to Start (or Re-Start) Inline Skating (Rollerblading)?

A month or so ago we published a post called “Still Skating? How and Where to Buy Inline Skates“. However, we know there are a lot more of you out there who are not skating than are, so we thought we would post about how to get into (or back into) inline… Continue reading “Ready to Start (or Re-Start) Inline Skating (Rollerblading)?”

Slomo: Raison d’être for One Inline Skater

We often hear our inline skaters saying they find skating to be more “rhythmic”, “fulfilling”, or even “spiritual” than other forms of exercise. There is certainly something about the side-to-side movement of the continual gliding of inline skating that is aesthetically pleasing. Dr. John Kitchin faced his own reality that he didn’t… Continue reading “Slomo: Raison d’être for One Inline Skater”

Alumni Skate Tours in Colorado

We recently ran not just one but two alumni-only skate tours in Colorado. The idea for an alumni tour came to us last fall and given our long history of running inline skating tours, naturally we selected that sport for our first-ever alumni tour. The tour concept was a hit and sold… Continue reading “Alumni Skate Tours in Colorado”

Netherlands Fitness Skating

It is amazing this is my 17th posting on the Zephyr Adventures Blog and the first one about our Netherlands Skating Adventure. We have been running our Netherlands skate tour since 1997. It was our very first tour location and the only location back in that first year. I still remember wondering… Continue reading “Netherlands Fitness Skating”

Mosel Valley Skating

It was a tag team approach this year as we checked out the Mosel Valley for our new Skating Adventure. Zephyr’s German guide Sabine, based in Switzerland, visited the area in May to see if it was a suitable tour location. I then followed up last month to set up the details.… Continue reading “Mosel Valley Skating”

Idaho Skating

It was the second day of the tour and I was blown away by the comments I was hearing. “That was a perfect day.” “Absolutely fabulous.” “This is the best skating tour I have ever done.” Now, we often get great comments like this or, frankly, we wouldn’t be in business. To… Continue reading “Idaho Skating”

Camp Rollerblade Denver

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Camp Rollerblade Denver.This two-day camp was part of the 13-city schedule of Camp Rollerblade Weekends in 2006. We had a relatively small group of nine students at the Denvercamp.(Our average is more than twice that and many camps sell out at 24… Continue reading “Camp Rollerblade Denver”