What Travel Looks Like Right Now

“Thank you for the information. Was very hesitant, now booking travel tour.” Webinar Participant It’s been a while since we hosted a webinar providing an update on the travel industry and the current COVID pandemic.  Allan Wright, our Owner and President, hosted an informative and engaging Travel Well Update webinar last night covering the following Continue Reading →

Europe to Reopen for Travel, Easing Rules for Vaccinated American Tourists

The European Union has announced today (5/19/21) that they have agreed to allow quarantine-free travel for vaccinated tourists and visitors from countries considered safe. American travelers who have received vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson will not have to quarantine before or after arriving in Europe. The approval of this proposal will be Continue Reading →

How To Plan European Travel During COVID

Welcome to Travel Well with Allan Wright! Last week, Allan covered how to look up information on planning international travel during COVID. In this week’s episode, Allan discusses how to find more detailed information for how to plan European travel during the COVID pandemic. Not on our email list already? Subscribe now to get our weekly travel Continue Reading →

How To Plan International Travel During COVID

Welcome to Travel Well with Allan Wright! Allan discusses how to plan international travel during COVID by showing you what websites to use to look for pertinent information regarding each countries restrictions and procedures. Not on our email list already? Subscribe now to get our weekly travel news updates delivered directly to your inbox. Can’t watch the Continue Reading →

Vaccinations and Activity Passports

Welcome to Travel Well with Allan Wright! Allan discusses vaccinations and activity passports that allow people to travel and do other things such as attend concerts, eat indoors at restaurants, or go to museums. It is exciting to think that we could be back to enjoying our normal activities without social distancing and masks in the Continue Reading →

Which Airline Should I Fly During the Pandemic?

In this week’s Travel Well With Allan, we will focus on the topic “Which Airline Should I Fly During the Pandemic?” This is again a text version rather than video as there is a lot of data to share. Note our regular readers will know we are very cautious on travel during the pandemic. Nonetheless, Continue Reading →

Is It Safe To Ski During COVID?

Is it safe to ski during COVID? The risks might be higher than you think. For six months, I have been telling our traveler community it is not travel itself that is the highest risk. It is what you do when you get there. And in terms of activities, I have extolled the benefits of Continue Reading →

5 Travel Planning Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Though everyone loves being on vacation, planning a vacation can feel quite overwhelming. To help overcome this hurdle, we’ve identified five common travel planning mistakes and how you can avoid them. Happy planning! Travel Planning Mistake #1 Only choosing to go to touristy places and/or going to a destination at the wrong time of year. Continue Reading →

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