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Vacations are meant to be fun. But how do you turn an ordinary trip into an extraordinary vacation? One that will be the highlight of your year? Or even of a lifetime?

With decades of experience and thousands of adventures delivered, we will be at your side before, during, and after your trip. Life’s short … prioritize adventure!


Choose one of our public tours, which is a great way to meet new travel companions, or organize a private tour with your friends and family.

Then decide which of our fun activities you prefer (hiking, biking, inline skating, kayaking, or cross country skiing), find your tour location, and reserve your spot.

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We are a small but mighty team that is here to help guide you on your extraordinary adventure. When you contact Zephyr, you will be communicating with one of the five of us – Allan, Katie, Kelly, Sarah, or Stephanie. We’re here for you every step of the way, from your first questions to choosing a tour to post-tour follow up.

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How Our Travelers Are In Charge Of Our Tour Schedule
One of the phrases related to owning an adventure travel company I find myself repeating is "I am not really in charge. Our travelers are in charge of our tour schedule." On a basic level, what I mean by this …
Active Adventures in 2024
We are so excited to share the 2024 Zephyr Adventures tour schedule with our community. From classic favorites to brand-new destinations, we have a delightful mix of active adventures in the mix for next season. From hiking to biking to …
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Machu Picchu is a highlight on almost everyone’s vacation in Peru. It is one of the most amazing ruins in the world and is also the goal of our Classic Inca Trail trek. The 'Lost City' was built around 1450 …
E-bike Tours: Making the Freedom of Cycling More Accessible
As the rise of e-biking popularity evolves, so does the opportunity to check out new and exciting e-bike tours. There is also occasionally an unspoken ‘vibe’ expressed that using an e-bike is kind of like cheating. We say no shaming; …
“I Would Never Go on a Group Tour”
In 26 years of running group tours, I have heard something along the lines of "I would never go on a group tour" countless times. Generally, those comments come from experienced travelers who are proud of their ability to travel …
Insight Into the Power of Women-Only Travel
Stephanie Vidergar handles all the marketing for Zephyr Adventures. Prior to joining us, Stephanie worked for 23 years for a number of small active tour companies, including seven years working for two women-only tour companies. Stephanie is not only bringing …


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