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Each year we offer 15 - 20 public tours to hand-picked destinations around the globe.

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We are an experienced, small-by-design, and unpretentious tour company that treats people as individuals, rather than just another number. We truly value each guest that comes on our tours.

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We are a small but mighty team. When you contact Zephyr, you will be communicating with one of the four of us - Allan, Kris, Sonya, or Beth - who, combined have over 55 years of experience with Zephyr.

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The Zephyr Travel Blog

Peru a personal transformational journey

Peru – A Personal Transformational Journey

This guest post was written by Suzanne Carenzo, a Zephyr Alumna. She recently joined us on the Peru Transformational Journey, a new kind of trip for Zephyr that focuses on personal transformation and growth. Please enjoy reading about Suzanne’s experience. Well, my journey to Peru has come to an end and I cannot believe all Continue Reading →

What do you do for a living

My 7-Year Old Thinks I’m A Spammer

Like most kids, my 7-year old daughter asks a ton of questions. And like most parents, I do my best to answer them, occasionally dodging some and abbreviating answers to others. When she asked “Mom, what do you do at work? No, I mean what do you DO at work?”, my initial reaction was to spout the canned response I Continue Reading →

Number One Tip Before Booking A Tour

Our Number One Tip Before Booking a Tour

What is our number one tip before you book a tour with a tour company? Call the company! We receive probably 95% of our bookings via the Internet without ever having spoken to the traveler. In many cases, we have never even emailed with the individual. And to be honest, that works for us! But Continue Reading →

2018 Adventurous Year

2018: An Adventurous Year

Each year, we love to take a step back to relish the unforgettable memories we made with all of our incredible alumni. In 2018, we enjoyed an abundance of new experiences, visited new countries, formed new friendships, tasted new flavors, and achieved new goals. We invite you to relive a few special moments from the Continue Reading →

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