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Travel during a pandemic is looking a bit different from what we are used to. Yet we know you still want to travel as part of your life. Your safety and peace of mind are our utmost priority. We have run successful and safe tours during this time and are taking these safety precautions.

Check out our 2021 public tours on our schedule as well as the eight domestic itineraries we recommend for private groups!


We will be at your side before, during, and after your adventure.

You want an extraordinary vacation – and we want that for you! Here is how we deliver.


You get to decide whether you take one of the 15 or so public tours we offer each year, which is a great way to meet new travel companions, or whether you have your own travel group and prefer a private tour.

Then decide which of our fun activities you prefer (hiking, biking, inline skating, kayaking, or cross country skiing) , find your tour location, and reserve your spot.

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We are a small but mighty team that is here to help guide you on your own extraordinary adventure. When you contact Zephyr, you will be communicating with one of the four of us – Allan, Kris, Sonya, or Beth – who combined have over 55 years of experience with Zephyr. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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