Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Years ago I spent six months living in Tucson, Arizona. I very much enjoyed the city, including the people, the university, the sunshine, and the seasonal monsoons. Two of the activities I most enjoyed were skating on the paved paths of the city and hiking on the surrounding trails – especially in… Continue reading “Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun”

Mosel Valley is a World Class Skate Tour Destination

We recently completed a Mosel Valley Skating Adventure, which took place July 17-23, 2016. This is the third time I have run this tour but the first for us in six years. I must admit I was shocked to not have accurately remembered how great the Mosel Valley is for a skate… Continue reading “Mosel Valley is a World Class Skate Tour Destination”

Mosel Valley Skating

It was a tag team approach this year as we checked out the Mosel Valley for our new Skating Adventure. Zephyr’s German guide Sabine, based in Switzerland, visited the area in May to see if it was a suitable tour location. I then followed up last month to set up the details.… Continue reading “Mosel Valley Skating”

Burgundy & Paris Multisport

Pinot noir, chocolate crepes, and escargot.Notre dame, the EiffelTower, and the Musée d’Orsay.Biking through vineyards, skating on canal tow paths, and hiking to a hillside church.There is so much happening on our Burgundy and Paris Multisport Adventure it is hard to know where to start my blog. Burgundy, a province in the… Continue reading “Burgundy & Paris Multisport”