Why Travel with Zephyr

Our alumni travel with us year after year. Here are a few reasons why we think you too would love to join us on one of our adventures:

Small By Design

We created Zephyr Adventures® because we love active travel and wanted to bring this passion to others. We only run about 15 public tours per year, which allows us to handpick locations from around the world we think will be most appealing to our travelers. We recognize this means your preferred tour location or date might not be available, which is why we also have a very strong private tour option with low minimum numbers.


We rarely use five-star hotels because the high prices are not worth it to us or our travelers. We also don’t stay in budget hotels because we prefer more comfort than that at this point in our lives. You need not bring a formal dress for fancy dinners or a lycra cycling suit for our biking tours. If you like to travel in comfort but without any pretension, we are the fit for you.

You Are Not a Number

When you travel with us, you will find most of your fellow travelers have been with us before. In fact, in the past three years, 68% of our trip participants were alumni and 13% were friends of alumni! Our travelers return because we treat them as members of our Zephyr Adventures family. Why is this important to you? In this modern day of being a number to so many big companies, when you travel with us you are treated as an individual.

Decades of Experience

Just because we are small does not mean we are inexperienced. We have 25 years of experience running tours. More importantly, the four of us in the main office (Allan, Kris, Kelly, and Beth) have almost 60 years of experience with Zephyr. So when you talk to us or travel with us, you are talking to and meeting someone who knows our company and knows our tours.

Plenty of Choice

Because we are a small company, our fixed-date public tour offerings are limited. However, we have dozens of tours you can take as a private tour with your own travelers. In addition, our sister companies Taste Vacations and Travel Montana provide you with even more choice if you are looking for food, wine, beer tours or outdoor vacations in one of the best adventure locations in the world.

We Care

We prioritize our impact on the environment. We donate to protect our public lands, trails, and oceans. We welcome all travelers.

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