How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible

Getting your passport stolen, having your bank freeze your account, or getting injured or sick just before or during your trip can make your vacation quickly go from a relaxing experience to a stressful one. We collaborated with our sister company, Taste Vacations, to come up with a list of travel tips that can help Continue Reading →


Try getting multiple friends or family together for dinner or an afternoon hike. It’s hard! What about a multi-day vacation? It’s hard enough just to gather the group, but then to be the one responsible for organizing the hotels, the transportation, the meals, the activities, the guides, etc….well, that can REALLY get overwhelming! We often Continue Reading →

How To Choose The Right Tour Operator for your Inca Trail Trek

There are many different levels of Inca Trail trips you can take and in general, “you get what you pay for.”  But what’s right for you? You can go from bare bones trips where corners can be cut (with substandard equipment, poor food, low wages for staff, no training, etc.) to luxury trips where many Continue Reading →

Creating a Private Vacation

We at Zephyr Adventures generally run tours for groups of people who don’t know each other before they arrive. Sure, many of our travelers are repeaters and will know others on their next tour. But many people arrive on a tour not knowing anyone at all. We love that. Combining groups of fun, interesting people Continue Reading →

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