Life after Zephyr

Is There Life After Zephyr?

One of the most common questions I get from our Alumni is, “What is (insert name of former guide) doing these days?” I thought it would be interesting to pose that question to all our former guides themselves. The answer to the question in the title above in one word: Absolutely! Here… Continue reading “Is There Life After Zephyr?”

So Many Reasons to Travel to Baja, Mexico This December!

I traveled to Mexico a lot while I was in my 20s and early 30s and haven’t been back since, despite it being one of my favorite countries. I’m thrilled to be returning this December to a new spot (for me) in Mexico: allow me to acquaint you with Baja California Sur!… Continue reading “So Many Reasons to Travel to Baja, Mexico This December!”

Ohio Inline Skating Alumni Tour

Ohio Inline Skating Tour: New Alumni Tour to Celebrate Zephyr’s 20th Anniversary

What is high in the middle and round on the ends? OHIO! New skate tour locations are nearly impossible to find but they are super important to us because our skaters like to visit new places – and we do, too! The criteria for new locations is daunting. There has to be… Continue reading “Ohio Inline Skating Tour: New Alumni Tour to Celebrate Zephyr’s 20th Anniversary”

Belgium Beer

Belgium Bike & Beer Adventure with Brew Your Own Magazine

“He was a wise man who inventedbeer.” – Plato Belgium is a world of scenic landscapes, castles, stone-built villages, multiple languages and cultures, gourmet restaurants, beautiful walking and cycling paths, and really nice people. Since the first Crusades the church allowed abbeys to brew and distribute beer as a fundraising method. Consequently, breweries… Continue reading “Belgium Bike & Beer Adventure with Brew Your Own Magazine”

Italy - Epic Fails in Adventure Travel

Epic Fails in Adventure Travel

I am known for being calm, cool and collected. That is a reputation I relish and do my best to uphold, particularly when guiding trips. However, there have been more than a handful of moments during my 17 years with Zephyr when things have gone south and I have momentarily entered panic… Continue reading “Epic Fails in Adventure Travel”

Prayer Flags

Top 5 Questions for Traveling to Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most fascinating and welcoming countries in the world, and is one of the few places left that has, for the most part, yet to be influenced by Western culture. It’s a perfect destination for adventure travelers with its remote hiking trails and enchanting culture. Zephyr offers two options on… Continue reading “Top 5 Questions for Traveling to Bhutan”

Patagonia Karen in front of Las Torres

The Power of Nature

“What was the highlight of your trip?” After each Zephyr tour we run, we ask participants to complete an online evaluation and rate every aspect of their adventure from food and lodging to guides, routes, and activities. But the highlight question is the very first one we ask and, I’ll admit, my… Continue reading “The Power of Nature”

ABWS on Provence Private Zephyr Adventure

Travel On Your Terms: Go Private!

In addition to our scheduled group trips, Zephyr also offers a myriad of private trips, where you can choose your own destination and activity, and a trip date that works for you. For example, these are some of the private trips we have helped people plan in the past year: A food… Continue reading “Travel On Your Terms: Go Private!”


Raising A Glass (and Swirling, Sniffing and Tasting) to Wine Education

If you are into wine, you may already know what the WSET acronym stands for. If not, here is the quick answer: Wine & Spirit Education Trust. WSET is a prestigious educator in the world of wine and spirits and provides highly sought-after qualifications for wine and spirit professionals, such as our… Continue reading “Raising A Glass (and Swirling, Sniffing and Tasting) to Wine Education”

Zephyr is Hiring: Four Reasons I Love Being An Adventure Travel Guide

In light of our upcoming search for a new guide for our active wine tours, we asked one of our longtime guides, Kris Thomas, to share her personal favorite aspects of guiding People. Happy People! This is surely the top reason for me.  I love people. While I am guiding, I get… Continue reading “Zephyr is Hiring: Four Reasons I Love Being An Adventure Travel Guide”

Say “Hola” to Zephyr’s Newest Guide!

We met Jenny Siddall last fall at our Wine Tourism Conference in Santa Rosa, California.  We were struck first by her outgoing and pleasant personality, and then by the depth of her knowledge of wine.  When we learned that she also had ten years’ experience guiding active tours and tours focused on… Continue reading “Say “Hola” to Zephyr’s Newest Guide!”

The Easier Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Please note: The Royal Inca Trail is currently closed. Trail repairs have not been made after the latest round of landslides and it is unclear if/when they will reopen. However, we now offer an additional easier route for the Inca Trail. Most people think there is just one Inca Trail that takes… Continue reading “The Easier Inca Trail to Machu Picchu”

Want To Win A Free Idaho Skating Adventure?

If you are an inline skater, you know that a good skating surface is a huge factor in getting the most out of your experience.  Trust me when I say that our Idaho Skating Adventure, which takes place this year September 8 – 12, offers some of the best skating trails in… Continue reading “Want To Win A Free Idaho Skating Adventure?”

Still Rolling After 15 Years

Today is April 4, 2012.  Fifteen years ago today, Allan Wright quit his corporate job with food company Cargill, and Zephyr Adventures (formerly called Zephyr Inline Skate Tours) was born.  “Rolling” is a great metaphor to describe Zephyr’s journey, as we have certainly done our share of rolling with the punches in… Continue reading “Still Rolling After 15 Years”