Epic Adventures with a Real-Life Beerbarian

Main photo credit: Zak Jokela Meet Doug Bailey, resident Beerbarian for Zephyr Adventures and Red Lodge Ales. Doug is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.  Not only does he know his beer, but he can teach you how to snowboard, wrangle a horse, navigate rapids, and make a mean cocktail, all while wearing a kilt. We had Continue Reading →

Beer, Meat, Forest Fires, and…BEER!

Beer. Beer, beer, beer. I love beer. I’m not talking about guzzling gallons of light (or LITE) yellow swill, I’m talking about beer of many colors, flavors, and styles. I’m talking about American made (and owned) high quality craft and micro brewed beer. My job title is Beerbarian after all, I’d better like the stuff Continue Reading →

Oktoberfest – A Global-To-Local Celebration

For any beer loving imbiber, celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany will rank high on one’s bucket list. Oktoberfest in Munich can be one of those life-affirming events where copious amounts of beer are served, friendships are forged despite language barriers, roller coasters cruise, and John Denver’s “Country Roads” play over and over and over again. Continue Reading →

Top 4 Reasons You Should Join Our Brewlicious Colorado Hike, Bike and Beer Tour!

Let’s talk. Before we reveal the top four reasons you should join our Brewlicious Colorado! Hike, Bike and Beer Tour (October 8, 2012-October 12, 2012) we think you should know a few important facts. Here goes: In 2012, Colorado ranks second in the nation with the most number of breweries by state 1; Colorado ranks Continue Reading →

3 Misconceptions about Group Travel

NOTE: Though this post was originally written several years ago, the most common misconceptions certainly still ring true! Zephyr Adventures has been in the group travel business for over 15 years, so we understand that like most people who join us for the first time, you might feel a bit uneasy about the “group tour” Continue Reading →

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