Important Changes to our Travel Policies

Please note: The below is satire. We are not really making these changes! ———————————– We at Zephyr Adventures have been in business for 25 years and have recognized we are perhaps not ultra modern when it comes to our customer service policies. Therefore, we will be following suit with travel industry trends and making the Continue Reading →

Montana and Yellowstone Flooding Update

There has been devastating southern Montana and northern Yellowstone floods causing widespread damage in Southern Montana and northern Yellowstone National Park, including in Red Lodge, Zephyr’s headquarters. Thankfully, our staff in Red Lodge are safe along with their families and homes.  Current Conditions Red Lodge was severely impacted, with people losing their homes, bridges washing Continue Reading →

Upcoming New Tour Locations

We recently completed a survey of our alumni travelers on potential new tour locations. We asked them to rate each of 25 possible new tours as their Top Destination, Very Likely to Do, Somewhat Likely to Do, or Not Interested. The Top Locations The top locations in order were as follows: Greek Islands Hiking Adventure: Continue Reading →

What Travel Looks Like Right Now

“Thank you for the information. Was very hesitant, now booking travel tour.” Webinar Participant It’s been a while since we hosted a webinar providing an update on the travel industry and the current COVID pandemic. ¬†Allan Wright, our Owner and President, hosted an informative and engaging Travel Well Update webinar last night covering the following Continue Reading →

EU to Discuss Reinstating Travel Restrictions on US Citizens

As we noted in our previous post, the Delta Variant has continued to spread across the country and the globe. The United States’ COVID cases have increased exponentially in the last few weeks, with the majority being those who are unvaccinated. On the European Union Black List Yesterday Bloomberg News reported, “The European Union will Continue Reading →

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