Zephyr Announces New Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference

Zephyr today announced a brand-new Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference, which will take place March 28-30, 2017 in Asheville, North Carolina. As you might or might not know, we at Zephyr have two sides to our business: tours (here at Zephyr Adventures and with our sister company Taste Vacations) and conferences (run… Continue reading “Zephyr Announces New Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference”

Epic Adventures with a Real-Life Beerbarian

Epic Adventures with a Real-Life Beerbarian

Main photo credit: Zak Jokela Meet Doug Bailey, resident Beerbarian for Zephyr Adventures and Red Lodge Ales. Doug is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.  Not only does he know his beer, but he can teach you how to snowboard, wrangle a horse, navigate rapids, and make a mean cocktail, all while wearing a… Continue reading “Epic Adventures with a Real-Life Beerbarian”

Alumni Skate Tours in Colorado

We recently ran not just one but two alumni-only skate tours in Colorado. The idea for an alumni tour came to us last fall and given our long history of running inline skating tours, naturally we selected that sport for our first-ever alumni tour. The tour concept was a hit and sold… Continue reading “Alumni Skate Tours in Colorado”

Colorado Family Multisport

I just returned from our Family Multisport Adventure in Colorado – the third Family Adventure in the past three years I had the pleasure of guiding. For an introduction to our Family Adventures and how they operate, please scroll down to the post of last August about our Lake Tahoe trip. That… Continue reading “Colorado Family Multisport”

Colorado Hike & Wheel

We have been running our Colorado Skating Adventure for years. Last summer, four of our High Rollers (repeat customers with at least 20 Zephyr trip days) asked us to add hiking to the itinerary. Happy to oblige, we created our Colorado Hike & Wheel Adventure that ran from July 30 through August… Continue reading “Colorado Hike & Wheel”