7 New Tours for 2018

Announcing the 2018 Zephyr Adventures Schedule!

Each year in September we roll out the new tour schedule for the following years. The 2018 schedule is live now. We are very excited to again be offering quite a few brand-new trips we hope you will find exciting: On February 25, we will test a new concept that combines adventure… Continue reading “Announcing the 2018 Zephyr Adventures Schedule!”


Keeping the Future Inline- An Interview with Rollerblade®

Main image credit: Rollerblade® At Zephyr, we hold a special place in our heart for inline skating – it’s where we got our start 20 years ago! And we continue to remain true to our roots by offering several skate adventures every year. As we have done in the past, we’re excited to… Continue reading “Keeping the Future Inline- An Interview with Rollerblade®”

Post-Tour Depression: The Dangers of Adventure Travel

Post-Tour Depression: The Dark Side of Adventure Travel

You just had the time of your life. You still have endorphins pulsating through your core, charging your body and invigorating your mind. Every last detail carefully planned and executed from hotels to activities to cocktail hours and cultural excursions. You have officially checked out and forgotten how to check back in.… Continue reading “Post-Tour Depression: The Dark Side of Adventure Travel”

20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!

Join us in celebrating Zephyr’s 20th anniversary! Starting out as the world’s first inline skate tour company, we’ve expanded over the years to include hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. We’ve loved every minute of the past twenty years and are looking forward to sharing many more incredible experiences with… Continue reading “20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!”

Life after Zephyr

Is There Life After Zephyr?

One of the most common questions I get from our Alumni is, “What is (insert name of former guide) doing these days?” I thought it would be interesting to pose that question to all our former guides themselves. The answer to the question in the title above in one word: Absolutely! Here… Continue reading “Is There Life After Zephyr?”

Get a Free 2017 Zephyr Calendar

Our motto is “Life’s short … prioritize adventure!” With the coming new year, we thought what better way to empower you to prioritize your own adventures than to provide you with a tool to will help you begin planning your adventures for 2017! Request a free calendar and we will mail it… Continue reading “Get a Free 2017 Zephyr Calendar”

Travel Tips

How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible

Getting your passport stolen, having your bank freeze your account, or getting injured or sick just before or during your trip can make your vacation quickly go from a relaxing experience to a stressful one.  We collaborated with our sister company, Taste Vacations, to come up with a list of travel tips… Continue reading “How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible”

Ohio Inline Skating Alumni Tour

Ohio Inline Skating Tour: New Alumni Tour to Celebrate Zephyr’s 20th Anniversary

What is high in the middle and round on the ends? OHIO! New skate tour locations are nearly impossible to find but they are super important to us because our skaters like to visit new places – and we do, too! The criteria for new locations is daunting. There has to be… Continue reading “Ohio Inline Skating Tour: New Alumni Tour to Celebrate Zephyr’s 20th Anniversary”

Adventure Pets- Leo, the fearless and friendly German Shepherds

Adventure Pets: Leo the fearless and friendly German Shepherd

We admit it – we are big animal lovers here at Zephyr. In fact, it doesn’t get much better than to share an adventure with our delightful pets. Because of this, we’d love to introduce you to a few of the furry members of the Zephyr Adventures family. To start, meet Leo, the… Continue reading “Adventure Pets: Leo the fearless and friendly German Shepherd”

How to Explain Our Adventures in One Word

We recently asked our alumni to describe the adventures they’ve been on with Zephyr, but there was a catch. They could only use one word. Above is the result of this survey in a word cloud.  We’ve also posted a larger version here. Word clouds are a visual way of representing how… Continue reading “How to Explain Our Adventures in One Word”

Zephyr Alumni Refer-A-Friend

The Importance of Refer-A-Friend to a Travel Business

Something that we take pride in at Zephyr is having an amazing alumni base. Once you’ve been on a tour with us, you get the sense that you are joining a family or tribe of sorts. We’ve seen it happen time and time again that gathering a group of like-minded, positive people… Continue reading “The Importance of Refer-A-Friend to a Travel Business”

Finding a Career You Love

Finding a Career You Love: Starting Zephyr Adventures

I am lucky enough to have a graduate degree in Entrepreneurial Management, which certainly helped me in creating Zephyr Adventures. But this story is not about creating your own company. It is about finding a career you love. I learned a valuable tool from some forgotten professor in one of my entrepreneurship… Continue reading “Finding a Career You Love: Starting Zephyr Adventures”