Interview With Allan Wright – 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Successful Service Based Business

Recently, our owner and founder, Allan Wright, was interviewed by Charlie Katz of Authority Magazine. Allan reveals what led him to start Zephyr Adventures as well as other interesting tidbits that you may be curious about, such as how Zephyr got our alcohol policy… Check out the excerpt below: (Or read the full article) What Continue Reading →

Finding a Career You Love: Starting Zephyr Adventures

I am lucky enough to have a graduate degree in Entrepreneurial Management, which certainly helped me in creating Zephyr Adventures. But this story is not about creating your own company. It is about finding a career you love. I learned a valuable tool from some forgotten professor in one of my entrepreneurship courses. He or Continue Reading →

Catching the Travel Bug and Prioritizing Adventure

I caught the travel bug when I was in college. My parents, who would definitely say they are not hipsters, carted their three children around the Pacific Northwest on family vacations in what is now considered a very cool Airstream trailer. But I had never been outside North America until college. I decided to visit Continue Reading →

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