In Search of Baby Elephants

I think it’s safe to say that baby elephants have captured the internet’s heart. They’re big personalities in little elephant bodies, and they have become instant celebrities on social media sites. Here are a few favorite images we’ve come across lately on Google+ – shared over and over again by all those… Continue reading “In Search of Baby Elephants”

Nelson Mandela: The World’s Hero

Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday. Mr. Mandela was really a hero of the entire world and he will be missed. I actually wrote about Nelson Mandela and South Africa back in January, 2011 and have reposted that here. Come join us October 5-12 for our South Africa Wine, Hiking, and Safari Adventure.————————————————————————–From… Continue reading “Nelson Mandela: The World’s Hero”

How Important is Tour Group Size?

We at Zephyr Adventures are very into feedback. We have been sending an evaluation form to everyone who has traveled with us since 1997, using the same five-point scale to evaluate everything from restaurants to hotels, from guides to the overall trip. It’s a rough business because a) it is hard to… Continue reading “How Important is Tour Group Size?”

African Safaris: Tanzania versus South Africa

As an adventure travel company, one of the things I have always said is “we only run active tours”. No bus tours for me, thank you. However, I must admit our two African safaris stretch that a bit. In Africa, we run a “hike, wine, and safari” tour that is absolutely incredible. … Continue reading “African Safaris: Tanzania versus South Africa”

South Africa Safari

“Oh my gosh. Look at that elephant.” We were on the second day of our three-day South Africa safari and participating in a “bush walk”. My girlfriend Devon and I were joined by one other couple and our khaki-wearing, rifle-toting guide Jonathan. Now, seeing an elephant on a safari is a common… Continue reading “South Africa Safari”