The Best Paved Trails In The World Are In ... Ohio

The Best Paved Trails In The World Are In … Ohio

We recently completed a 39-person, alumni-only, anniversary inline skating tour in Ohio. This was a special tour, twice the size of any typical group tour we run, because we were celebrating 20 years of travel with Zephyr Adventures with some of our most experienced alumni.

The tour takes place in the southeast corner of Ohio in the vicinity of Dayton. And I will admit – while we had heard great things about the network of paved trails in the area for years, we had never got the courage to add it to our schedule, thinking Ohio just might not have the draw to attract travelers. But this alumni-only tour was the perfect test, since our alumni trust us to deliver outstanding vacations.

And outstanding it was with the highlight being the incredible paved trails – flat, smooth, scenic, and well-maintained. We truly heard comments from this experienced group of 39 skaters and bikers that raved about these being the best paved trails in the world.

I’ll leave you with my personal impressions via the video below but please consider joining us September 17 – 21, 2017 for our next Ohio inline skating tour!

3 comments on “The Best Paved Trails In The World Are In … Ohio

  1. It does really look like skating/biking Nirvana! All the greenery right by the trail is just gorgeous – it reminds me of some of the roads around Charleston, SC (where I live) where the giant live oaks overhang the pavement and provide glorious dappled shade as you drive along. Glad everyone had a great time – looks like the weather was as good as the trails!

  2. Nice video! I was on that trip and Allan is right, the trails are spectacular. One reason they are so lovely to skate on is they are largely shaded but there is almost no leaf debris, twigs etc on the trail that can get cause a skater mishap. This as Allan said is due to excellent maintenance-they actually vacuum, not blow, the trails once a week! Thanks for a super great trip, guys!

  3. I went as a cyclist. It was a wonderful vacation. I felt so safe and free cycling along the best cycle paths I have ever seen. I met some lovely people and had a blast exploring a state I didn’t know well previously. I whole-heartedly recommend this trip.

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