Why I'm Grateful for Adventure

Why We’re Thankful for Zephyr Adventures

Earlier this week I met up for dinner with a few friends from a previous job. It was great to catch up and reminisce about old times and I’m very happy we’ve stayed connected. But as I was driving home, a thought struck me. I am so thankful that, a little under two years ago, I left the fast-paced world of marketing agencies and said yes to a new adventure by joining the Zephyr team. Since making that leap, my life has significantly changed in more ways than I expected.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to share why my colleagues and I are so thankful to work for Zephyr Adventures.

Driving in ItalyExpanding horizons: Zephyr has not only literally expanded my horizons by sending me to new destinations all over the globe but also by allowing me to learn so many new skills that I don’t believe I would have otherwise. For instance, I had no reason to previously learn how to drive stick shift. But lo and behold, I was assigned to guide an amazing tour in Italy and would need to drive myself around for the pre-tour … and they only have manual transmission cars. I quickly found a friend who actually owned a manual car (harder than you might think in the suburbs of Chicago!) and took two lessons the week before I left. It was certainly a personal adventure and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone – but I am so happy to have learned a valuable new skill!

untitled-design-10Working from home:  Zephyr is a 100% virtual company. Though our “headquarters” are in Red Lodge, MT, our employees are scattered throughout the country working in home offices. Not everyone has the ability and organizational skills to work from home, but for those who can it is a huge benefit. We are thankful we have the choice to work in our pajamas, throw in a load of laundry, or even take our dogs for a walk in the middle of the day, all while accomplishing important work tasks. Kris Keys, our Alumni Ambassador and Tour Operations Manager, regularly works from her treadmill desk with her pup, Diva.

Kerry in San FranciscoFlexibility  We don’t have to keep the normal 8:00 am – 5:00 pm work hours. For the most part, we get to dictate our own schedule, as long as we get our work done. We are so grateful for this flexibility as it provides us the opportunity to achieve that elusive work/life balance that so many people seek. For instance, Kerry Dopler, our Customer Care Coordinator, who normally resides in Montana, is taking a multi-week trip to the West Coast and is currently working from beautiful San Francisco.

Sonya and her girls


Family is important:  We are thankful that working for Zephyr means you don’t have to choose between having kids and having a fulfilling career – you can have both! Several Zephyr employees, including Sonya Mapp, our Tour Sales Lead, have mastered the art of balancing a successful career and a nurturing family life, and are able to truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

Allan Wright, founder of Zephyr AdventuresWe only do what we love:  Allan Wright, Zephyr’s owner and founder, feels pretty strongly about this one. We only work in areas that we personally enjoy, which means that our level of job satisfaction is consistently high. Running an adventure travel company is not an incredibly lucrative business, but we are so thankful for the personal fulfillment that comes from doing what we love.

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