The Value of Zephyr Adventures

We believe in providing our customers with extraordinary, memorable vacations at a good value.

Before a tour even runs, we have already put in weeks of planning and on-the-ground research. During the trip itself, we generally meet you at the airport, handle all of your lodging accommodations, arrange most your meals and all tour activities.

One of the biggest reasons we charge you a reasonable price for your vacation (see below for some of the ways we are able to do this) is because, frankly, we wouldn’t want to pay an arm and a leg ourselves!  Check out this comparison of our tour prices versus some of our major competitors:

VacationLengthCompetitor PriceZephyr Price
South Africa Adventure8 Days$7,800$3,500
Tuscany & Umbria Adventure7 Days$3,750$2,700
Peru Inca Trail Adventure8 Days$4,950$3,200
Bhutan Trekking Adventure10 Days$6,200$4,500
Cuba People-to-People Adventure9 Days$6,000$5,000

How do we provide you with an equivalent tour at a reduced price?

  • We stay local. We use excellent hotels in the middle of towns rather than luxury resorts that are frequently outside towns (and away from the fun). The difference in price between a four-star hotel used by the locals and a five-star hotel used by tourists can be huge.
  • We eat local. We prefer the casual French bistro or the Italian trattoria over the famous restaurant overlooking the water that costs a fortune (and these small places are usually much better anyway!)
  • We limit our marketing budget and focus our resources on impactful but efficient campaigns. Other companies spend a lot of money on flashy, 80-page, full-color catalogs (and let’s not start on how much paper is being wasted!)
  • We limit our overhead. We don’t own our own vans and bikes, plus we all work virtually and have no office expenses.
  • And if you are a solo traveler, we never require you to pay a single supplement unless you need or request your own room. We’ll find you a roommate or give you your own room free if we can’t find a roommate for you.

Come travel with us, save some money, and have a great vacation at the same time!

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