Peru Machu Picchu

Sweeping You Away to New Locales

Last fall, Zephyr launched our first Peru: Machu Picchu & Easier Inca Trail Adventure and hosted journalist RoseAnna Schick as one of our guests. She recently published an article in the Winnipeg Free Press about her experience on the trip as well as her interview with our owner, Allan Wright. Here’s an excerpt:

“Rather than trying to be everything to everybody, Zephyr focuses on tours where they can be the best in the business, accommodate people of varying skill level, and stand out among hundreds of adventure tour companies.

“We are unique because we purposefully stay small, running only about 15 published tours per year. This allows us to hand select locations that we love, and treat our travellers like individuals, not numbers. In fact, one of our alumni recently told me she loves calling our office because we know who she is, which is not true for most companies you call nowadays.”‘

Thanks, RoseAnna for joining us on our adventure and for highlighting what makes Zephyr unique!

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