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Single Supplements: The Zephyr Difference

We love hearing from people interested in our adventures and are happy to answer any and all questions about our trips. One question that comes up quite frequently is about our single supplement policy. We thought it would be helpful to go over it in a little more detail to hopefully assist in answering any more questions that may be out there.

Zephyr Adventure’s single supplement policy:

Our trip prices are based on double occupancy (two people per room).  If you are coming on a trip solo, we will find you a roommate of the same gender.  If you prefer to have a room to yourself and not have a roommate, you can pay the single supplement — which varies depending on the trip and is listed on the individual trip page — to do so.

The Zephyr Difference:

One big difference between our policy and other tour companies’ policies is that we will not charge you a single supplement fee if we can’t find you a roommate for a trip.  Other companies’ policies require that you pay 50% – 100% of their single supplement fee if they can’t find you a roommate, even if you’re willing to room with someone else.

That just doesn’t make sense to us — it isn’t your fault if a tour doesn’t fill up, so you shouldn’t get charged unless you specifically request a private room. If you don’t want to pay the supplement, you may luck out and have a room to yourself if there are an odd number of males or females (though that doesn’t happen very often).

Overall, we want to make sure our policies are simple and easy to understand so that our travelers have clear expectations for their trips.  If you have any questions about any of our policies, please don’t hesitate to ask! Our Tour Operations and Customer Care team are available via online chat, email, or phone (888-758-8687).


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