Active Travel For Most Ability Levels

Remarkable, Active Travel For Most Ability Levels

It’s no secret that we believe the best way to experience the world is by seeing it while hiking, biking, kayaking or skating. But just because our focus is on active travel, it doesn’t mean you have to have pro-level physical abilities to enjoy our vacations.  We pride ourselves on offering memorable trips to fascinating destinations for most ability levels. 

Active Travel For Most Abilities

Our guests range from semi-professional cyclists to weekend warriors who may only have a chance to be active a few times a month.

We typically offer two or three different routes on each of our tours to accommodate the different abilities and preferences of our guests. Some routes being shorter and flatter while others are longer and more challenging – you choose which route is right for you!

Active Travel For Most Ability Levels

We find there are two ways people approach being active on our trips. There are those whose main source of pleasure on a ride, hike, or skate is getting to the final destination at a faster pace. They just love to get their legs pumping and feel the wind in their hair.

And then there are those who enjoy taking in as much of the sights and sounds of the journey along the way, stopping for photos and taking a more leisurely pace. Neither of these groups of people is wrong – you choose the pace that is right for you!

Active Travel For Most Ability Levels

Though most of our tours can be tailored to most ability levels, we do offer a few itineraries that require a certain level of physical ability and training ahead of time in order for you to have a safe and enjoyable vacation. These tours include the Peru: Machu Picchu & Classic Inca Trail Trek, Bhutan: Himalayan Trek & Cultural Adventure, or Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro Trek.

Whatever your active travel preferences are, we most likely have a vacation that fits your style.

Not sure which itinerary to choose? Feel free to reach out to one of our trip consultants at or 1-888-758-8687 ext 1.

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