Private & Custom Tours

Looking to book an adventure with a specific group of people? We love private tours and think they have a number of advantages:

  • They allow you to travel with people you already know.
  • They allow you to choose your own date.
  • Some of our private tour options can be scheduled for a group as small as two.
  • You can adapt our itineraries or create your own with our custom tour option.
  • You can even earn a free trip as the organizer!

Private ToursPrivate Tours with Zephyr Adventures

Select from any of our already created trip itineraries and choose your own dates. Minimize group size ranges from two to ten, depending on the tour. Private Tours


Self-Guided Adventures with Zephyr Adventures

Self-Guided Adventures

Self-Guided Adventures combine all the pleasures of independent travel with the ease and safety of an organized tour. Choose your own dates and select one of our pre-planned self-guided trips – we’ll make the arrangements, meet you upon arrival, and then you are on your own to explore as you please.Self-Guided Adventures


Custom Tours with Zephyr AdventuresCustom Tours

Choose your own dates and either customize one of our tours based on your interests or create an entirely new itinerary. Work with our tour operations team to plan that bucket list vacation you’ve been dreaming of.Custom Tours


Currently Scheduled Private ToursCurrently Scheduled Private Tours

If you belong to a group that has scheduled a private tour already or are just curious about what we do, you can find more information here. Currently Scheduled Private Tours

Types of Private & Custom Groups

  • Family & Friends: Sometimes we let the hecticness and stress of day-to-day life get the best of us. Carve out some quality time to reconnect with the people that matter most – your family and friends! We have a great selection of trips for every group and every life event – a family reunion trip to Yellowstone National Park, a girls’ bike tour through the vineyards of Oregon, or a milestone birthday trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, ending with a safari through the heart of the Serengeti.
  • Associations, Clubs, and Companies: Plan a trip to re-energize and re-engage your team, incentivize your top employees, or offer a special event for your organization. Choose one of our pre-planned trips that has team building built right in such as a hike on the Inca Trail or create a custom tour personalized to your group’s needs and preferences. Either way, you’ll be getting a memorable trip you will not soon forget!
  • High Schools, Universities, and Alumni Associations: Looking for a unique, small-group trip arranged exclusively for your students or alumni group? We’ve worked with a range of educational organizations – from high schools planning an unforgettable Baja kayaking adventure to universities looking to build an even stronger alumni base through an Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu.

Getting Your Group Together

Deciding to do a private or custom tour and selecting a location and date are in some ways the easier parts. You then have to convince your friends, family, or colleagues to join you! Sometimes this is easy and a group comes together quickly. Other times the tour organizer finds it difficult to gather people willing to spend the time and money to join him or her. Here are some tips for you:

  • Give people plenty of advance notice, especially for a foreign trip. If you want to celebrate your 50th birthday in Italy with your friends, tell them on your 49th birthday!
  • Get a core group of commitments before you start. Everyone wants to know who is going and if you already have a core group committed before you start reaching out to others, it can be great motivation for people to join.
  • Consider paying some of the costs yourself. This isn’t always feasible but we know for sure that family tours where the trip is covered by the grandparents fill pretty quickly!
  • Tell people not once but three or four times. People are busy and just telling them about your planned private adventure once is not likely to be enough. You need to be in contact with your potential travelers multiple times.
  • Include friends of friends. It might not be your first choice since it is fun to travel with just your friends (or family), but allowing those interested in the trip to bring their friends can increase numbers quickly.

Check out our Private, Small Group Private, Self-Guided, and Custom tour options.

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