Post-Tour Depression: The Dangers of Adventure Travel

Post-Tour Depression: The Dark Side of Adventure Travel

You just had the time of your life. You still have endorphins pulsating through your core, charging your body and invigorating your mind. Every last detail carefully planned and executed from hotels to activities to cocktail hours and cultural excursions. You have officially checked out and forgotten how to check back in. You relish in what is the present dilemma of relaxation. This, my friends, is what we strive for. Complete and utter surrender.

Post Tour Depression - The Dark Side of Adventure Travel

We’ve heard from a good number of our alumni that the trouble with a Zephyr tour is that feels like it rarely lasts long enough. Often, it takes a few days to get into the flow of your active vacation. By that time panic sets in as you realize there are only 4 days left! This is why I often advocate the importance of always having something to look forward to, even after your epic springtime excursion. Relaxation behooves he or she who also has a fall or winter escape in mind.

When life is this good, even if only for a week or so, it is no wonder that post-tour depression lingers in the dark corners of the airports and awaits us in the quiet of our own homes. I now use these “dark” moments to cherish the little things I may not have had time to fully absorb during that whirlwind tour (like fresh croissants – does anyone in the U.S. even make these anymore? Well, yes they do, but they sure don’t taste the same as ones you have while on vacation)

Post-tour depression: The Dark Side of Adventure Travel

Indulge yourself in the memories of street performers, cute shops, and tiny cobblestone streets. Reminisce on friends made, sunburns gained and the beautiful sound of people chatting and enjoying the moment. Despite the fact that the tour has ended we can always enjoy the shared moments we had and rest assured that another getaway is only a click away!

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    1. Right on girlfriend, I look forward to perusing your photos soon as well…still playing catch up:)

    1. Thanks Jim! I loved your post tour photos, your adventure seemed never ending! Bless that beautiful thought~

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