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Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?

Many solo, first-time Zephyr folks are uncertain about joining a group tour full of people they don’t know. But we’ve seen it time and time again where people come to the trip as strangers and leave as close friends. It’s the kind of “human magic” that Zephyr thrives on! Get a group of people together with similar interests such as wine and adventure, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

At the end of each tour, we like to have a nice meal where we share our favorite memories and events from the trip. Sometimes it’s hard to summarize a great tour into a few key moments right on the spot, and sometimes we hear from our guests after they have been home and have had time to digest their trip. This is one such email we received from the 2013 Chile & Argentina Multisport & Wine Adventure that perfectly summarizes the fun, quirky, and unforgettable moments that make up a Zephyr tour.

Hi all!
When we were at Anna’s Bistro the last night of the tour and Kris opened it up to share our favorite experiences on the trip, I was a combination of too tired, too vino-ed up, and too full to process all that I was feeling. I wanted to say something witty and profound and tender but I couldn’t think. This is my attempt to do so now. For me, there wasn’t one or two experiences that stood out above the others but a lot of experiences- big and small – that made the trip an amazing adventure. Anyway, this is my list in no particular order.
1. Pisco sours
2. Michelle and Evelyn running for president (and Terry’s mad quest for a sign) (btw- heard Michelle won but not by a big enough margin to avoid another vote)
3. Our tour guide at Undurraga.
4. The intro session before the first dinner (loved everyone’s stories)
5. Bike ride in the Casablanca Valley (Connie and Carrie- thanks for pushing the pace for me.)
6. Hey Dude the dog! (It was hard enough trying to bike through town after wine and right when the local school got out, but then hey dude took it to another level)
7. Shopping in Valparaiso with Connie, Kathy and Lisa.
8. SHUT UP! (delivered by Aaron and Luis)
9. Horseback riding in the Aconcagua- with Mark on Bill, No Name, Don’t Touch Me, and my horse, Garage. (I know there were other funny names too) And Connie’s horse charging through.
10. The back of the bus gang!
11. Dinner at Cava de Cano- from the quail eggs to the cigars!
12. The Zonda!!!!!!!!! (in 97 degree heat!) [note: Zonda wind is a regional term referring to a dry, strong, hot wind that often carries dust, creating small dust storms.  In 2013, the tour guests heroically biked through Zonda winds from Manzano Historico to the Vines of Mendoza’s restaurant, 7 Fuegos]
13. Swimming in the reservoir with Luis in that beautiful setting [after the bike ride through the Zonda winds!]
14. All the meals!! Picnics. Dinner at Sandra Bullock’s sister’s house…
15. Beth and Mark kissing. [note: this trip was their honeymoon!]
16. The bus DJs
17. Singing to “Sailing” and “Up where we belong” (will think of you all when I hear them)
18. The earthquake. [note: there was an earthquake the first night they were in Mendoza where most people were woken up by it in the middle of the night, but no damage was done to the city]
19. Ziplining over the Mendoza River- and Suitcase Lisa gettin’ her groove on.
20. Sweet, wonderful Kris.
21. The always smiling Luis :)
22. All of you!!

Before I left, I wondered “why am I leaving my son and hub to do this alone?” The answer is clear now. For all the reasons stated above.
It was truly a pleasure meeting each one of you, and experiencing Chile and Argentina with you. I was a Zeyphr virgin but hope to one day be a Zeyphr high-roller.
Much love. Abrazos y besos.

So next time you think it will be awkward or stressful to be a solo traveler on a group tour, put your mind at ease and don’t miss out on all the fun!

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