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Zephyr Adventures has been featured in regional and nationals publications.  Here are a few of our favorite media mentions:

Cincinnati Magazine Logo

Cincinnatti Magazine

18 Great Summer Escapes

“It’s way more fun than biking, I think,” says [Kris] Keys, a former college ice hockey player who has been with Zephyr for 18 years. “There’s something so Zen about just rolling down a path all day long.”

Why Ohio? It’s very skater-friendly, meaning paved, flat, and beautiful, with lots of trees for both scenery and potentially hotter temperatures. “And there are miles and miles of trails,” Keys says—340, in fact: the Miami Valley system is the largest paved-trail network in North America.” Read the full article. Logo

Top 10 Ways to Tour Napa Valley and Sonoma County by Stacy Slinkard

“Zephyr Adventures has an engaging 5-day itinerary that provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with the winemakers themselves in an easy-going, yet educational atmosphere.” Read the full article.



How Stuff Works Now

How Stuff Works Now

What the Heck Happened to Rollerblading? by David Roos

“Allan Wright remembers the inline skating boom years very well. In 1997, he quit his corporate job and launched Zephyr Adventures, the world’s first inline skating tour company.” Read the full article.


MSN Huffington Post The Active Times

The Huffington Post,, & The Active Times

Off-The-Grid Destinations Every Adventure Enthusiast Should Visit by Katie Rosenbrock

“The world has few secrets left, but Bhutan is one of them,” Kartie Hickman wrote in Dreams of the Peaceful Dragon. Nestled amidst the Eastern Himalaya Mountains this small, isolated kingdom only first welcomed outsiders starting in 1974. The outfitters at Zephyr Adventures call it “one of the most fascinating and welcome places on Earth,” as there are numerous cultural and natural attractions to be admired including remote Buddhist monasteries, secluded villages and stunning mountain views. Read the full articles on, The Huffington Post, and The Active Times.



Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine

The Ultimate Yellowstone Drinking Tour by AC Shilton

Zephyr Adventures’ Greater Yellowstone Multisport & Beer Adventure is an all-you-care-to-drink beer tour of Wyoming and Montana. Guides schlep the beer, act as DD and get you one-on-one time with brewers while you drink it all in. Read the full article.



Atlanta Journal Constitution

Beer Town: Postcard from Belgium by Bob Townsend

Belgium has always been a favorite destination for traveling beer lovers, offering a huge array of some of the most ancient, distinctive and beloved styles in the world. As City of Brussels Alderman Philippe Close said in his opening remarks at the conference, “Like we speak of the French kiss, we speak of the Belgian beer.” Read the full article.



Minnesota Trails

Minnesota Trails Magazine

Minnesota’s Paved Trails Attract Skating Tourists by Dave Simpkins

People who love in-line skating also love Minnesota’s paved trail system…Allan Wright of Zephyr Adventures out of Red Lodge, Mont., has been bringing groups from across the nation to Minnesota since 1998. “This is some of the best skating in the nation,” said Wright. “The trails are smooth with few hills and nice scenery as well as some interesting little towns to spend the night.” Read the full article.


Taps Beer Magazine

Taps Beer Magazine

Beer Hunting in Belgium by Joe Wiebe

In Belgium a Beer Hunter can never rest on his barstool…Thursday marked one of the high points of the trip for me: a bike ride through hop fields in the southwest farming region called Hoppeland that culminated in the chance to taste one of the world’s most elusive beers, Westvleteren 12, at the Welcome Centre at the St. Sixtus Abbey. Read the full article.


Shape_magazine_logoShape Magazine

7 Travel Destinations that Answer the Call of the ‘Wild’ by Cristina Goyanes

But rather than wait til next summer to watch Old Faithful erupt, consider joining Zephyr Adventures’ five-day, four-night Yellowstone Multisport Winter Tour, which includes lodging, most meals, guides, van support and local transportation…Spend time cross-country skiing and/or snowshoeing through Aspen trees or ice skating on frozen creeks (you choose!) under an impossibly clear, big sky. You work as hard as you want to, so all fitness abilities are welcome. Read the full article.


Beer West Magazine

Peak to Peak By Adrienne So

This is my first time traveling through this dream country of the West. It’s also my first guided tour. In the 24 hours after my plane deposits me, blinking, from Portland’s cool gray drizzle into the bright hot heat of a high country summer, I will hike past waterfalls and mountains, tour a brewery, visit a barley field, and speak to a scientist farmer. Given all that will happen in the very near future, I should relish the chance to sit still for 20 minutes. It’s dizzying—all of it, the scenery, the beer, and the sensation of being completely swept off my feet. Read the full article



Bison and Beer in the Old West by Peter Sacco

Zephyr has morphed into a full-blown alternative-travel outfitter with guided expeditions to Tibet, Peru, and Tanzania. Recently, the innovators at Zephyr incorporated a new angle into their tours: the lure of good food and drink. They’re based in the scenic town of Red Lodge, Montana just outside of Yellowstone National Park. Climb aboard with Zephyr, and you can trek to obscure wineries in South Africa, or bike through the lush vineyards of famous Napa Valley.

Their latest attraction is synonymously simple and magnificent, accessible and remote. Zephyr Adventures now offers the Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Multisport Beer Adventure, an ambitious 6-day excursion through the stunning Rocky Mountains that will combine hiking and cycling with a handful of the region’s most unique high-altitude microbreweries. This tour will exemplify a region and local culture that has long conjoined zesty ales and full-bodied beers with an adrenaline-pumping lifestyle. Here, adventurers routinely brave the lofty snow-capped peaks only to return for good beer and company at any one of the dozens of hidden pubs and restaurants tucked into the quaint valleys.Read the full article.


The Seven Best Food and Wine Adventure Trips

(Spain Hike, Bike, and Wine Tour with Zephyr Adventures)

The only thing wrong with spending six days in northern Spain, hiking and biking and eating and drinking, is that it’s only six days! Consider it an appetizer to the Spanish lifestyle, and let this trip feed your foodie expat sensibilities.



Santa Rosa Press Democrat   By Christopher Chung

“Hike beside the vines and see how they are pruned and trained, from bud break in the spring to harvest in the fall, you may gain a deeper appreciation for the art and science that goes into a bottle of wine. These walking tours allow guests to have their wine and work it off, too. Each trip can be tailored to the guest’s fitness level and specific interests.”

Ultimate Northwest  By Lucy Burningham

Ultimately, I packed my bags not because of the appellations on the itinerary but for the tour’s unique focus: We’d spend a good part of each day walking…I started to understand the appeal after stepping onto a quiet hillside on the Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley appellation. Instead of stopping at the tasting room at the bottom of the hill, where tourists compete for space and splashes in the glass, our group of 10 had barreled up a bumpy dirt road in a van to this pristine spot. Read the full article



Through the Grape Vines with Zephyr Adventures By Maureen Clarke

“Zephyr Adventures crafts active trips for food and wine lovers — they are tapping a mostly unexplored hybrid, blending adventure travel with culinary tourism, a growing trend.” Read the full article


 Food & Wine

By Megan Krigbaum

Wine-country vacations generally exercise only the taste buds, but new worldwide wine tours by Zephyr Adventures add outdoor sports to the itinerary.


 Travel & Leisure

“Don’t expect the highest-scoring wineries in each region, but a range of producers from industrial to boutique. The trips will also challenge the unfit: most itineraries require a short, medium, and long bike ride or hike every day.”


 Wine & Dine


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