Zephyr United Annual Meeting

Looking to the Future: Planning Another Adventurous Year

Each year the Zephyr Adventures and Taste Vacations team meets up in person to strategize and plan for the coming year with not only each other but our counterparts on the Zephyr Conferences team, making us one, big, happy Zephyr United family.

This is a big deal as we are a 100% virtual company where each of us works from his or her own home office around the country. We savor the time we get to spend together – not only for collaborating on work initiatives but to enjoy each other’s company and have a chance to catch up in person.

We put together a quick video capturing our time together, check it out!

It was quite a productive meeting where we conceived a number of new ideas for 2018. We’re very excited to share these ideas with you – so stay tuned as we’ll start rolling them out over the next few months!

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