Yellowstone Winter Tour Review

In The Words of Alumni: Yellowstone Winter Tour Review

This is the first post in a series we are calling “In The Words of Alumni” that will share feedback about a trip directly from the travelers who were just on it. Online reviews are becoming increasingly important for small businesses like ours (see our blog post on this topic).

We are happy to tell you all the great things about our trips, but our words don’t carry as much weight as the words of the people who have just experienced it firsthand! Thanks, travelers, for allowing us to share your experience with others.

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Yellowstone Winter Adventure Review- February 2018

Yellowstone Winter Tour Overall Ratings

Please describe your favorite moment from this trip.
Karen C: Skiing to Lone Star Geyser I found myself alone with no one in front of me or behind me. The sound of my skis and poles in the snow was just so relaxing and the views were so beautiful.

Priscilla N: So many favorite moments! Breaking trail with Mike, Kris, and Eric was my first time doing so in XC gear and felt all floaty, like moving on a cloud, and was exciting! And shortly after, I began finding my groove, moving and gliding with my skis in a way that felt really good! Falling in powdery conditions on the Spring Creek Trail, but owning it and continuing on the epic adventure was empowering as well as mind-blowingly gorgeous!

I loved learning that I’m stronger than I had realized before taking this opportunity to explore both the beauty of Nature, and my own self. One of my other favorite moments was on the last morning snowshoeing back with Kris, and thinking of all the meaningful connections and self-reflection that this trip created and held space for; that element of this trip means so much. I’m full of gratefulness and joy reflecting on this trip.

<3 I forgot to say that the nighttime hike to Old Faithful was another favorite moment! And the communal celebratory shot after it’s eruption! <3 And singing happy birthday to Yellowstone!

Anonymous: Cross Country skiing after a lesson on first day. I felt empowered, safe, and free to ski at my level after lunch.

John S: Watching Old Faithful going off with Bison in the foreground.

Annie T: The all day xc ski in Yellowstone – it was a perfect blue bird day with lots of fresh powder, and the trail was peaceful and challenging and everything I dreamed skiing YNP would be like. It was also really fun to gather with everyone for dinner at the end of the day and swap stories about our adventures, lives, etc. The dinner at 320 Ranch was the most memorable for me, but they were all great.

Amy S: I have several favorite moments, but the one memory I know will stick with me is seeing two bison cross our path while we were walking the Geyser Paths at Old Faithful.

What is your overall impression of the trip?
John S: Awesome – BEST TRIP EVER!

Annie T: Totally amazing. It was really well done, and I loved it.

Karen C: The first trip I would consider doing again and again. I am so glad I chose this trip this time. I have been on many Zephyr tours (skating and biking) and I can honestly say this is one I want to do again. I did not get enough time to explore this amazing piece of our country. I would love to see this area in every season!

Amy S: It was an all-around amazing adventure. The itinerary was well-planned. Each activity was the right length, the lodging was really nice, and the dinners were delicious. Even though we only had 48 hours inside Yellowstone Park, the three major activities planned (the snowshoe hike, the cross country skiing day, and the morning hike) gave us the chance to see different aspects of the park. This trip truly exceeded my expectations.

Eric S: Everything was great! Challenging itinerary perfectly executed by the guides. I loved it, one of my best vacations ever! Will look to come back to Zephyr in the future.

Anonymous: I loved the trip, it is exactly what I expected. I enjoyed the night hike a lot, I didn’t think it possible to be warm and happy at 5 degrees, so I liked learning. I also liked that we never spent more than an hour driving. I might go again because the opportunity to cross country ski, snow hike and snow shoe is unique for me.

Priscilla N: Epic. Breathtaking. Inspiring. Exhilarating. Empowering. *Awe*some. I now love Yellowstone in the way I imagine those who truly know and love it do. The quieter, uncrowded opportunity to be in this place at this winter time of year lets a person feel the special, sacred quality of this rare environment. You all make it as easy as can be. I really appreciate that! I’m really grateful that there was so much flexibility throughout the trip. It was nice to be able to have options and not have a totally strict, overpacked schedule. I loved that I didn’t have to think about anything. Everything was planned out and all the details were taken care of so well by Michael and Kris.

Please provide any comments you have about your guides.
Eric S: They were the best! Clearly communicated the plan for each day the night before, handled every challenge and provided great options and support to people of different skill levels.

Amy S: Kris and Mike made sure our every need was taken care of. They did a good job of keeping us informed about each day’s activities, and they made sure that we were always properly dressed and had the right gear. From the moment we met them, they put us at ease (it was our first time with a tour group) and they made sure we had everything that we would need.

Anonymous: I love being on a trip with Kris, I know she can handle anything. Michael was really great for only being his 3rd trip, athletic enough to manage activities and calm enough to handle multiple personalities. Impressive!

Priscilla N: I loved watching how well Michael and Kris work as a team guiding. You can see that they are very professional, fun, and genuine in their passion for this. They work so well together, and also individually with people, and are always positive and professional. I felt safe with each of them, knowing that things were taken care of and that if anything happened, it would be ok because we were in good hands. They are both so incredibly knowledgeable on so many fronts. They really created a safe, fun, meaningful space for this trip!

Karen C: Kris and Michael were amazingly knowledgeable about this trip. Both were able to answer every question that came their way. Loved the dynamics they had together.

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