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In the Words of Alumni: Baja Kayaking Tour Review

This is the second post in a series we are calling “In The Words of Alumni” that shares feedback about a trip directly from the travelers who were just on it. Online ratings are becoming increasingly important for small businesses like ours (see our blog post on this topic).

We are happy to tell you all the great things about our trips, but our words don’t carry as much weight as the words of the people who have just experienced it firsthand! Thanks, travelers, for allowing us to share your experience with others.

Consider joining us on our 2019 Baja Kayaking Adventure (March 10 – 16 ). Based on feedback from our previous groups, we added an extra “layover day” to next year’s trip to allow for an even more relaxing vacation!

Baja Kayaking Adventure – March 2018
Overall Trip Rating: 4.89/5
Baja Kayaking Tour Review
Please describe your favorite moment(s) from this trip.
Mike M > So many great moments! I loved happy hours and looking at the stars at night. Swimming with the sea lions was great too.

Becca P > Marveling at the pink rocks next to the azure sea… Just appreciating the colors.

Debra V > Swimming with a 28 ft. whale shark.

Giovanni P > Waking up on a deserted island on a beachfront campsite, surrounded by nice people and with a gorgeous sea to kayak.

Michael K > I love the evening kayak out to the bay where the turtles are. It’s so calm. So peaceful and paddling back in at sunset is just incredible.

Nenna B > Swimming with the whale shark!!! Wooowwwwwww!!!!

Polly L > Each moment held so much I can’t pick a favorite! The people and the place were beyond, way beyond what I expected. Eternally grateful for each moment of the past week.

Baja Kayaking Tour Review Blues

What is your overall impression of the trip?
Mike M > Great trip! Great guides! Great group! It was just as it was described and I was not disappointed.

Mimi L > Fabulous, wish it was 3x as long!

Giovanni P > One of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Michael K > It is one of my most favorite outdoor experiences of my life. Such a beautiful place.

Polly L > A. MAZ. ING!!!!!

What comments do you have about the kayaking portion of the trip?
Mike M > I appreciated the lessons and safety instruction. I felt confident in the kayak.

Mimi L > I loved it!!! Next time I’m staying and paddling for at least a full week!!

Michael K > The safety training and getting familiar with the boats on the first day was great. Having everybody perform a wet exit and get back in the kayak while in water was very good. Having two kayak guides on the water with the group at all times was also something that I think made people feel more safe and comfortable out on the water.

Jane M > I so appreciated the instruction and attention to safety. This trip challenged me but it made me feel confident.

Nenna B >The extra instruction and wet exit training made all the difference! Having two guides helped people hear and stick to a plan on the fly in the water, plus a guide on each side checking on people made me feel safer. Distances were about right, I was always happy to arrive without being desperately exhausted. I think asking people to switch it up and learn the different challenges of individual and double kayaks, ones with rudders, ones with skegs, etc would be a good idea. Some people never tried a single, and may have been too shy to speak up. It’s empowering to learn to control each, and having new paddling partners creates both communication challenges and great friendship bonds :)

Baja Kayaking Tour Review Sunset

Please provide any comments you have about your guides.
Polly L > Way, way, WAY beyond expectations. Simply the best! Chino and Antonio had such of depth of knowledge and passion for the flora, fauna, and culture—I found that to be wonderful and quite moving. I felt safe every single minute, and confident that we were in capable hands should anything go not to plan. A super fun crew, too!

Beth P > Our guides were great – I personally appreciated their attention to safety and that we did the overboard drill before even getting in our kayaks. Though I’m really comfortable in a boat/kayak, it made me even more comfortable when we had to paddle through waves (which I loved!)

Mike M > Chino and Antonio were so knowledgeable, they were really great.

Mimi L > The local guides were super knowledgeable! I really appreciated their respect for the landscape, wildlife, flora and fauna!! I felt safe!

Michael K > Chino is obviously a guide of many years experience and his many years of exploring Espiritu Santo, shows. Antonio is very comfortable in his knowledge and his abilities and does an excellent job of relaying the information to the clients. His personality was loved by all.

What advice would you give to somebody considering taking this trip in the future?
Mike M > Don’t miss it!
Mimi L > Follow the pre-packing list! Do your research if you plan to stay before or after the trip! No kayaking experience was necessary. Camping in the sand is FUN!!

Debra V > Go for it. a little kayak familiarity is not a bad idea.

Giovanni P > DO IT!

Michael K > If water makes you nervous or the thought of being out on the ocean does, don’t let that stop you. I’m nervous on and in water and I would kayak in the Sea of Cortez every chance I get.

Jane M > Do it!!!

Nenna B > Be flexible and roll with not knowing the plan, as it changes on the fly with weather… the more you let go, the better time you’ll have. Challenge your comfort zone but always use your own judgment. Also, always wear a pfd if you are in doubt.
Polly > DO IT!

Any other comments?
Mimi L > I wanna go back and stay!!!! Swimming with the Whale Sharks was suuuuuuuper cool! I could’ve stayed swimming all day!!

Becca P > The trip was AMAZING; I would do it again tomorrow if I could. The people on the trip were so much fun. I feel that I’ve made lifelong friends.

Debra V > Definitely was beyond my expectations and thank you for providing me a wonderful time on the ocean.

Michael K > Another awesome thing about this trip is that you totally unplug. You have no choice. 4 days of no internet or phone is…quite amazing, actually.

Giovanni P > Thank you all for doing what you do. I was wary of organized trips, as usually they try to cover too many things, leaving the average experience somehow poor. You guys reversed my idea. I doubt we could have done anything better by ourselves, and definitely not is such a well-organized way.

Michael K > GO on this trip. Everyone. You won’t regret it.

Jane M > I chickened out on swimming with sharks – but then wanted to and it was too late to gear up. I already told Kris this – tell people if you are in doubt gear up first chicken out later that way you still have the option!

Nenna B > You never have the same trip twice :) It was hard to beat the magic of the first time, jumping in not knowing what to expect… but the second time, the logistics were better and people were better managed for safety and comforts. I’m SOOOOO glad to see the whale shark and was very impressed with the adherence to ethical and environmental codes to protect and respect the ecosystems.

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