FAQs: Slovenia Hike Adventure

What is the weather going to be like in Slovenia?

Slovenia in September offers nice cool weather and beautiful fall colors. The average high temperature in September in Bled and Brovec is 68 degrees, while the average nighttime low is 49 degrees. We will be hiking in a variety of climates including mountain tops and river gorges. You will want to bring layers and be prepared for some rain or misty weather. We will provide you with a complete packing list.

What is the best way to get to the tour and where do we meet?

We meet either at the Ljubljana airport (LJU) or at our hotel in Bled. There are no direct flights from the United States to Ljubljana but you can connect through over 20 major European cities, including Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Paris, and Split. We recommend flying in a day early in order to acclimate and to give yourself time to rest from your travels before the tour begins.

What ability level do I really need to be for this Adventure?

This Adventure is rated All Ability Levels. No special skills or ability levels are required for this trip. We try to provide short and long trail options for each day, and you can easily turn around whenever you need to.

For what type of people would you recommend this Adventure?

This adventure is perfect for those looking for a challenging and culturally interesting vacation through a variety of landscapes. Throughout the week we will find ourselves walking along breathtaking ridges, over saddles, between peaks, and to high mountain lakes. 

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