Yellowstone Family Vacation

Family Vacations for All Types of Families

The reality is, many of us still presume “family” equates to the standard nuclear definition: mom, dad, and two kids. Our Yellowstone Family Tour scheduled for this July 15 – 19 is decidedly, instead, fit for families of all types.

Here are a few examples:

  • Yes, two-parent families will love the tour. The structure of our family vacations is such that for some events parents and kids are all together while at other times our guides watch the kids while the parents relax or enjoy a good hike. This allows parents to actually enjoy, rather than manage, a vacation and might just put a spark back in mom and dad’s relationship!
  • We have had many single parent families on tour, including some scheduled for this July. One of the most difficult things to do for single parents is to find vacations with other kids, since most families do their own thing. Our family tours are a perfect solution. Plus, we do not charge single parent families a supplement, as long as the kid (s) are staying in the same room as the adult.
  • Don’t have kids yet? Be the coolest aunt or uncle ever and take your niece (s) or nephew (s)! I did this myself on our very first Yellowstone Family Tour about ten years ago. My niece and nephew still talk about that trip to this day.
  • Grandparents can also get in on the action by taking their grandkids or possibly the whole family. My parents did that years ago when they took all three generations of our immediate family on a family tour in Utah as our “reunion” for that year.

Our Yellowstone Family Tour is appropriate for kids aged four through 16. The cost is $2,350 per adult but we are offering a 10% discount through April 30 or $2,115. Kids staying in a room with their parents pay only $1,997.50.

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