How to enjoy a snow day in Yellowstone

How To Enjoy Winter In Yellowstone

A visit to Yellowstone, our country’s first (and in my opinion, best) national park, is a phenomenal experience like no other. But in the winter, a visit there is transformed to nearly a holy pilgrimage to Mother Nature herself.

There are no crowds to distract you from the steaming horizons, blinding sunlight and blue skies interspersed with hour-long or day-long winter storms. On our Yellowstone Winter Multisport Adventure (February 26 – March 2), we have this gem of a park almost All. To. Ourselves.

How To Enjoy a Snow Day in Yellowstone

Inside the park during this magic season, most roads are closed, most lodging is unavailable and the wildlife is hard to miss against the frozen landscapes of pure white and sparkling beauty.

How to enjoy a snow day in Yellowstone

And there are so many ways to enjoy it! Gliding on slender skis past a steaming vent in the earth; peering from the window of our snowcoach at a herd of bison as we drive through the “bison jam”; falling into a fresh pile of snow to make a snow angel; crunching across a meadow with snowshoes strapped on our feet; taking a nighttime stroll to look at the stars and watch Old Faithful erupt; holding out our tongues to catch snowflakes.

To get a feel for it yourself, take a look at the video below from the National Park Service.

To those who say “Ewwww! Winter!” I offer this: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. When properly prepared, being outside in the winter is wonderful! Layering and good clothing and gear is key.

If you are inexperienced in dressing for the outdoors in the winter, our guides Sarah and Michael have prepared some tips for you on what to wear and what to pack!

Now that you’re feeling prepared, join us on a winter adventure!

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  1. Yellowstone is still one of my favorite Zephyr Adventure. It was magical, peaceful, and fun to finally use my snowshoes and skis!

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