Travel Tips

How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible

Getting your passport stolen, having your bank freeze your account, or getting injured or sick just before or during your trip can make your vacation quickly go from a relaxing experience to a stressful one.  We collaborated with our sister company, Taste Vacations, to come up with a list of travel tips… Continue reading “How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible”

South Africa Countryside

South Africa: A Country of Diverse Experiences

Laurie Barnard, one of our wonderful Zephyr guides, recently led her first trip to South Africa earlier this year for a private group. The trip left quite an impact on her. We asked her to share her thoughts below. South Africa has always been a destination I longed to explore. So it… Continue reading “South Africa: A Country of Diverse Experiences”

UW Stout Alumni Program Travel Scholarship

Paying It Forward: Traveling to Support Study Abroad

Travel is essential to being a well-rounded and conscious citizen of our world. Even if you just drive a few hours away from your home, there are a limitless number benefits to getting out of your comfort zone and exploring somewhere new. Over the past few years, Zephyr has been working with the… Continue reading “Paying It Forward: Traveling to Support Study Abroad”

Dawson School Private Baja Adventure

Hands-on Learning: Private Baja Kayaking Adventure

As a part of our private tour offerings, we get to organize unforgettable trips for all kinds of groups and organizations. Recently, we had the pleasure of offering a private Baja Kayaking Adventure for the Dawson School, a private school in Colorado. Melissa Barker, the Director of Experiential Education for Dawson, shared… Continue reading “Hands-on Learning: Private Baja Kayaking Adventure”

ABWS on Provence Private Zephyr Adventure

Travel On Your Terms: Go Private!

In addition to our scheduled group trips, Zephyr also offers a myriad of private trips, where you can choose your own destination and activity, and a trip date that works for you. For example, these are some of the private trips we have helped people plan in the past year: A food… Continue reading “Travel On Your Terms: Go Private!”

When is the Best Time to Hike the Inca Trail?

This is one of the first questions potential travelers to Peru ask who want to hike the Inca Trail. Although there are a number of considerations as to when one should hike from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, two are most important: weather and the availability of trail passes. Weather is… Continue reading “When is the Best Time to Hike the Inca Trail?”

Wine Tasting 101

If you’ve never been wine tasting, or haven’t done so often, you might be under the impression that wine tasting has to be a complicated process filled with opportunities for faux pas. It doesn’t have to be this way. At Zephyr Adventures we spend a great deal of time selecting which vineyards… Continue reading “Wine Tasting 101”

Top 4 Reasons Why I Created a Private Tour

I am a longtime alumnus and fan of Zephyr Adventures.  I have been on many Zephyr tours in many countries.  About two years ago, I approached Zephyr owner, Allan Wright, about organizing a private tour for my milestone birthday. My goal was to plan an amazing trip with friends!  Friends Friends Friends I… Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why I Created a Private Tour”

How Difficult is the Inca Trail?

The Classic Inca Trail, which takes hikers from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu in Peru, is difficult for most people. There is no denying it. To start with, most people are simply not accustomed to hiking for four days and sleeping in a tent for three nights. While the daily hiking… Continue reading “How Difficult is the Inca Trail?”

4 Misconceptions About Hiking the Inca Trail

We conducted a “Two-Minute Survey” and asked potential travelers for their opinions about traveling to Peru.  Our intent was to not only find out how and where people were interested in traveling to and in Peru but also to find out if we had the information on our Inca Trail Hiking website… Continue reading “4 Misconceptions About Hiking the Inca Trail”

How to Make a Travel Blog

Gone are the days of projector slideshow recaps of your summer vacation.  Yet in a digital age, there’s even more to share with your friends and family!  I have been sharing my photos, videos and thoughts from my travels on my Facebook for years, but it doesn’t offer the organization or presentation… Continue reading “How to Make a Travel Blog”

Private Group Travel

Over the years we frequently have been approached to create private tours for a group of friends, a social organization, or a business. When these work, they are super fun. 90% of the time they don’t work because they the group never gets organized. Earlier this month I ran two private group… Continue reading “Private Group Travel”