5 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

5 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

The term tourist can sometimes have a negative connotation and can be seen as someone who visits only the most popular attractions, buys souvenirs from gimmicky trinket shops, and may or may not have any clue about the local culture. Travelers seek out authentic experiences. They want to learn more about the… Continue reading “5 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel”

Yellowstone Family Vacation

Family Vacations for All Types of Families

The reality is, many of us still presume “family” equates to the standard nuclear definition: mom, dad, and two kids. Our Yellowstone Family Tour scheduled for this July 15 – 19 is decidedly, instead, fit for families of all types. Here are a few examples: Yes, two-parent families will love the tour. The… Continue reading “Family Vacations for All Types of Families”

Breaking Down on the Malecon - A true people-to-people experience

Breaking Down On The Malecon: A Real Cuba People-to-People Experience

As a U.S. citizen traveling to Cuba, your trip must fit one of 12 categories laid out by the U.S. government. For Zephyr, our Cuba adventure falls under the educational category of a people-to-people exchange where we specifically schedule in time to meet with local Cubans, learn about their history and culture,… Continue reading “Breaking Down On The Malecon: A Real Cuba People-to-People Experience”

Zephyr Adventures 20 years

2017: Celebrating 20 Years of Adventures

2017 was a special year for us here at Zephyr. It marked 20 incredible years of skating, hiking, biking, and adventuring. We explored several new destinations, like Cuba and Portugal, and revisited some old favorites, like the Grand Tetons and Chile & Argentina. We gathered and reminisced with a large number of… Continue reading “2017: Celebrating 20 Years of Adventures”

What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?

What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?

Boss’s Day is the ultimate Hallmark holiday. However, it is important for the simple reason that the boss rarely gets pats on the back, which is something we all appreciate and need from time to time. Our team at Zephyr wanted to share with you why we love working for Allan and… Continue reading “What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?”

Baja - a paradise for water lovers

Baja, a true paradise for water lovers

It has been ten months since I returned from Baja California Sur in Mexico but I have been dreaming of going back every moment since. For someone who grew up playing in the lakes of Minnesota, spending time in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez was like a dream come… Continue reading “Baja, a true paradise for water lovers”

Travel Hotspot Split, Croatia

Why Is Croatia One of the World’s Travel Hotspots?

I have a combination of vague recollections and specific memories of my travels through Croatia 29 years ago. I was on my first-ever trip outside North America, during the summer after my junior year in college. I was traveling solo, since my good friend and planned travel companion had bagged out on… Continue reading “Why Is Croatia One of the World’s Travel Hotspots?”

Cuba Hike Through Topes de Collantes

5 Fascinating Surprises from our First Cuba Adventure

I recently returned from Zephyr’s first-ever people-to-people adventure to Cuba with a group of nine remarkable alumni.  I tried to go with as little assumptions or expectations as possible so that I could really experience the Cuban landscape, food, and culture for what it is rather than what I’ve been told it is.… Continue reading “5 Fascinating Surprises from our First Cuba Adventure”

Trekking in Bhutan

Making the Return Journey to Bhutan

In 2015, Michael Keys, Zephyr guide and the husband of Zephyr’s Head of Operations, Kris Keys, journeyed with us on our maiden voyage to Bhutan as a tour guest. Afterward, he wrote a blog post called Don’t Wait – Make the Remarkable Journey and Travel to Bhutan where he provided his perspective and… Continue reading “Making the Return Journey to Bhutan”

Beach at Sicily

Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean

“Sicily is the pearl of this century…Since old times, travelers from the most far away country…boast of its merits, praise its territory, rave about its extraordinary beauty, and highlight its strengths…because it brings together the best aspects from every other country.” – Al-Idrisi, Arab geographer, The Book of Roger, 1138 – 54… Continue reading “Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean”

Life after Zephyr

Is There Life After Zephyr?

One of the most common questions I get from our Alumni is, “What is (insert name of former guide) doing these days?” I thought it would be interesting to pose that question to all our former guides themselves. The answer to the question in the title above in one word: Absolutely! Here… Continue reading “Is There Life After Zephyr?”

2016: another year of adventure!

2016 has been another adventurous year for the books!   We explored a wide range of terrains from mountains to valleys to oceans to jungles and more. We traveled to 12 different countries on 21 action-packed trips where we hiked, biked, skated, kayaked, snorkeled, rode horseback, rafted, and ziplined.  We shared incredible meals,… Continue reading “2016: another year of adventure!”

Horseback Riding in Chile

Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?

Many solo, first-time Zephyr folks are uncertain about joining a group tour full of people they don’t know. But we’ve seen it time and time again where people come to the trip as strangers and leave as close friends. It’s the kind of “human magic” that Zephyr thrives on! Get a group… Continue reading “Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?”