7 New Tours for 2018

Announcing the 2018 Zephyr Adventures Schedule!

Each year in September we roll out the new tour schedule for the following years. The 2018 schedule is live now. We are very excited to again be offering quite a few brand-new trips we hope you will find exciting: On February 25, we will test a new concept that combines adventure… Continue reading “Announcing the 2018 Zephyr Adventures Schedule!”

Traveling to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba: Leave Your Expectations at the Border

Over the past year, I’ve conducted careful research in order to create the upcoming Cuba People-to-People Multisport Adventure (available in both February and December of 2017). I did a lot of reading, checked out blogs, and spoke with many people who have already traveled there to get their perspective as Americans traveling… Continue reading “Traveling to Cuba: Leave Your Expectations at the Border”

Travel Tips

How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible

Getting your passport stolen, having your bank freeze your account, or getting injured or sick just before or during your trip can make your vacation quickly go from a relaxing experience to a stressful one.  We collaborated with our sister company, Taste Vacations, to come up with a list of travel tips… Continue reading “How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible”

So Many Reasons to Travel to Baja, Mexico This December!

I traveled to Mexico a lot while I was in my 20s and early 30s and haven’t been back since, despite it being one of my favorite countries. I’m thrilled to be returning this December to a new spot (for me) in Mexico: allow me to acquaint you with Baja California Sur!… Continue reading “So Many Reasons to Travel to Baja, Mexico This December!”

Explore Colorado on an Epic Beer Adventure

This October we’ll be heading back to beautiful Colorado for another epic beer adventure. Our itinerary is the perfect combination of taking in the stunning natural landscape and tasting our way through Colorado’s impressive craft brew scene. And to top off an already fun-filled vacation, we spend our last afternoon at the… Continue reading “Explore Colorado on an Epic Beer Adventure”

Dawson School Private Baja Adventure

Hands-on Learning: Private Baja Kayaking Adventure

As a part of our private tour offerings, we get to organize unforgettable trips for all kinds of groups and organizations. Recently, we had the pleasure of offering a private Baja Kayaking Adventure for the Dawson School, a private school in Colorado. Melissa Barker, the Director of Experiential Education for Dawson, shared… Continue reading “Hands-on Learning: Private Baja Kayaking Adventure”

Jungle Vacations in The Amazon Rainforest

On our new Ecuador tour, we are combining two incredible areas of the world that couldn’t be more different: the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos. Our Amazon stay is at an amazing Ecolodge and Spa called La Selva, where we will spend three incredible nights. The lodge is located within the Yasuní National… Continue reading “Jungle Vacations in The Amazon Rainforest”

How to Travel the World with a Carry-on

How to Travel the World with a Carry-on

Woohoo! You got to your flight on time, spent a few hours in the air, and officially made it to your destination … but unfortunately, your luggage didn’t. Nothing puts a damper on a trip faster than damaged, lost, or stolen luggage. Keep reading for tips from one of our awesome alumni,… Continue reading “How to Travel the World with a Carry-on”

Getting out of your comfort zone - Tahoe

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has their boundaries or personal limits of just how far we’ll push ourselves both mentally and physically. From time to time, breaking out of your comfort zone is necessary to ensure that you continue to grow and learn as a person, and so life doesn’t get stagnant and stale. This is… Continue reading “Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Father-Son Travel Duo:The Mighty Pribyl Boys

One of the best parts of our job at Zephyr Adventures is getting the opportunity to meet such wonderful and interesting people. We love hearing about where people are from, the places they’ve traveled, and the experiences they’ve had. With Father’s Day approaching, we thought we would highlight a great Father/Son pair… Continue reading “Father-Son Travel Duo:The Mighty Pribyl Boys”

The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Trip

Since we’ve been in the adventure travel business for almost two decades, we’re asked quite frequently about what’s the best travel gear to bring on one of our adventures. We’ve pulled together a few recommendations below- though certainly not an exhaustive list, it’s a great place to start. (Please note: Zephyr Adventures has… Continue reading “The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Trip”

Yellowstone Multisport Water Rafting

Variety is the Spice of Life – New Multisport Browsing Option

Looking for a little variety in your next adventure?  As you know, we’ve provided trips with a mix of activities for years, and now we’ve made it even easier to browse through our list of active tours with the addition of the Multisport adventure category. The trips in this category offer a… Continue reading “Variety is the Spice of Life – New Multisport Browsing Option”

Will Travel For Beer

People travel for a number of different reasons: to hike in a different mountain chain they’ve never been to before; to experience, first hand, a different way of life; to eat and drink like a local.  The burgeoning craft beer scene in the United States affords the beer enthusiast who likes to… Continue reading “Will Travel For Beer”