Biking in Sicily

5 Interesting Facts About the Island of Sicily

As you may be aware, this year is Zephyr Adventures’ 20th Anniversary and to celebrate we added five new adventures to our schedule, including the Sicily Bike Adventure coming up this fall.  As we gear up for our inaugural tour of this iconic island, we thought it would be fun to share a few fascinating… Continue reading “5 Interesting Facts About the Island of Sicily”

Beach at Sicily

Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean

“Sicily is the pearl of this century…Since old times, travelers from the most far away country…boast of its merits, praise its territory, rave about its extraordinary beauty, and highlight its strengths…because it brings together the best aspects from every other country.” – Al-Idrisi, Arab geographer, The Book of Roger, 1138 – 54… Continue reading “Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean”

For the love of Italy

An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy

Buongiorno fellow travelers, lovers of wine, diners of homemade pasta, and of course, those thrill seeking, bike riding, old souls that feel at home where I do, in my beloved Italy. There is a reason Italy historically ranks as one of the top 5 travel destinations in the world each year. This country… Continue reading “An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy”

Cinque Terre Hiking

Exploring Cinque Terre – A True Historical Delight

Known for its slow pace, breathtaking sea views, and lovely and antiquated architecture perched on impossible peaks, Cinque Terre is a little slice of heaven for many a traveler. Kerry Dopler, one of our bright and friendly guides, will be co-leading (along with Giovanni) a group of adventurers on the Tuscany &… Continue reading “Exploring Cinque Terre – A True Historical Delight”

On the road – Ciao, Puglia!

This first person post comes to you from the Puglia region in southern Italy.  Known for its large production of olive oil that actually surpasses that of northern Italy, an increasingly visible wine industry, and a distinctive landscape that combines white washed, Mediterranean style homes and equally white washed beaches. I am… Continue reading “On the road – Ciao, Puglia!”

Wine Tasting 101

If you’ve never been wine tasting, or haven’t done so often, you might be under the impression that wine tasting has to be a complicated process filled with opportunities for faux pas. It doesn’t have to be this way. At Zephyr Adventures we spend a great deal of time selecting which vineyards… Continue reading “Wine Tasting 101”

Cooking Class in Puglia, Italy

One of the main goals of our tours is to throw in cultural experiences in addition to the physical activity. In Italy, this almost always means having a private cooking class for our group. Puglia is not as “advanced” in tourism as its provincial neighbors to the north, Tuscany and Umbria. And… Continue reading “Cooking Class in Puglia, Italy”

Top 4 Reasons Why I Created a Private Tour

I am a longtime alumnus and fan of Zephyr Adventures.  I have been on many Zephyr tours in many countries.  About two years ago, I approached Zephyr owner, Allan Wright, about organizing a private tour for my milestone birthday. My goal was to plan an amazing trip with friends!  Friends Friends Friends I… Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why I Created a Private Tour”

Biking in the Dolomites of Italy

The Dolomites are a fantastic mountain range in northern Italy near the border of Austria. The snow-capped mountains are breathtaking and the green valleys below are dotted with wooden homes that look like they belong in Switzerland. You can even find cows with bells clanking in the high meadows. Yet this is… Continue reading “Biking in the Dolomites of Italy”

Favorite Italian Moments: a Second Perspective

This post is written by Zephyr traveler and 20-something-year-old guest blogger Chris Jarrett, who went on last month’s Tuscany & Umbria Hike, Bike, Wine & Food Adventure with his family and friends.  His mom Rhonda wrote a guest blog last week, but we asked  Chris to share his thoughts about the trip for another perspective!… Continue reading “Favorite Italian Moments: a Second Perspective”

My Favorite Things While Hiking and Biking in Italy

This post is written by Zephyr traveler and guest blogger Rhonda Jarrett, who went on last month’s Tuscany & Umbria Hike, Bike, Wine & Food Adventure with her family and friends.  We asked her to write about her favorite part of each day of the trip.  Her husband and son will also… Continue reading “My Favorite Things While Hiking and Biking in Italy”

3 Misconceptions about Group Travel

NOTE: Though this post was originally written several years ago, the most common misconceptions certainly still ring true! Zephyr Adventures has been in the group travel business for 15 years, so we understand that like most people who join us for the first time, you might feel a bit uneasy about the… Continue reading “3 Misconceptions about Group Travel”

Still Rolling After 15 Years

Today is April 4, 2012.  Fifteen years ago today, Allan Wright quit his corporate job with food company Cargill, and Zephyr Adventures (formerly called Zephyr Inline Skate Tours) was born.  “Rolling” is a great metaphor to describe Zephyr’s journey, as we have certainly done our share of rolling with the punches in… Continue reading “Still Rolling After 15 Years”