Idaho Skating and Belgium Beer Tours in the News

Our Idaho Inline Skating Tour was recently covered in the Alaska Airlines inflight magazine and our Belgium Active Beer Tour was written up in BC (British Columbia) Beer News. From time to time we invite journalists on our tours, which is a great way for them to experience what all of you… Continue reading “Idaho Skating and Belgium Beer Tours in the News”

Will Travel For Beer

People travel for a number of different reasons: to hike in a different mountain chain they’ve never been to before; to experience, first hand, a different way of life; to eat and drink like a local.  The burgeoning craft beer scene in the United States affords the beer enthusiast who likes to… Continue reading “Will Travel For Beer”

Want To Win A Free Idaho Skating Adventure?

If you are an inline skater, you know that a good skating surface is a huge factor in getting the most out of your experience.  Trust me when I say that our Idaho Skating Adventure, which takes place this year September 8 – 12, offers some of the best skating trails in… Continue reading “Want To Win A Free Idaho Skating Adventure?”

How to Make a Travel Blog

Gone are the days of projector slideshow recaps of your summer vacation.  Yet in a digital age, there’s even more to share with your friends and family!  I have been sharing my photos, videos and thoughts from my travels on my Facebook for years, but it doesn’t offer the organization or presentation… Continue reading “How to Make a Travel Blog”

Montana Headwall: Zephyr Adventures in the News

Zephyr Adventures’ Idaho Skating Adventure was recently featured in the summer issue of Montana Headwall magazine.  Zephyr alumnus Jason Cohen wrote a great article about the tour. It is interesting a magazine like Montana Headwall, which focuses on outdoor activities in the Bozeman area, would feature a story on inline skating in… Continue reading “Montana Headwall: Zephyr Adventures in the News”

Idaho Skating

It was the second day of the tour and I was blown away by the comments I was hearing. “That was a perfect day.” “Absolutely fabulous.” “This is the best skating tour I have ever done.” Now, we often get great comments like this or, frankly, we wouldn’t be in business. To… Continue reading “Idaho Skating”