Difference Between a Trek and a Hike

Difference Between a Trek and a Hike: A Slovenian Example

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of hand-picked active tours that fit an array of preferences and abilities, which is why we offer a selection of both treks and hikes each year. But what is the difference between a trek and a hike? To help illustrate the difference, let’s take a… Continue reading “Difference Between a Trek and a Hike: A Slovenian Example”

Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs. Reality

Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs Reality

Ever thought about trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro but not sure what to expect? Last year, Kris Keys, our loveable, long-time guide and alumni ambassador, along with a great group of explorers, ventured up the bucket-list-worthy mountain. Kris shares her perspective on what she expected before the trip and what the actual reality of… Continue reading “Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs Reality”

Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Years ago I spent six months living in Tucson, Arizona. I very much enjoyed the city, including the people, the university, the sunshine, and the seasonal monsoons. Two of the activities I most enjoyed were skating on the paved paths of the city and hiking on the surrounding trails – especially in… Continue reading “Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun”

Traveling To Portugal

Traveling through Portugal – A Timeless Journey

A sunny, dry, and hot climate embraces Portugal. It almost never rains there, except occasionally in May. Traveling through Portugal during our May Hiking & Wine Adventure, we were fortunate enough to experience all of the best things this beautiful country has to offer – even a big thunderstorm and heavy rains!… Continue reading “Traveling through Portugal – A Timeless Journey”

20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!

Join us in celebrating Zephyr’s 20th anniversary! Starting out as the world’s first inline skate tour company, we’ve expanded over the years to include hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. We’ve loved every minute of the past twenty years and are looking forward to sharing many more incredible experiences with… Continue reading “20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!”

What you need to know about trail etiquette

What You Need to Know About Trail Etiquette

Though most major trailheads will have rules and regulations posted on a sign or message board, there are a number of unwritten rules of trail etiquette that every hiker or camper should be aware of. These etiquette rules are there to not only ensure that we stay safe and do the least… Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Trail Etiquette”

For the love of Italy

An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy

Buongiorno fellow travelers, lovers of wine, diners of homemade pasta, and of course, those thrill seeking, bike riding, old souls that feel at home where I do, in my beloved Italy. There is a reason Italy historically ranks as one of the top 5 travel destinations in the world each year. This country… Continue reading “An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy”

Cinque Terre Hiking

Exploring Cinque Terre – A True Historical Delight

Known for its slow pace, breathtaking sea views, and lovely and antiquated architecture perched on impossible peaks, Cinque Terre is a little slice of heaven for many a traveler. Kerry Dopler, one of our bright and friendly guides, will be co-leading (along with Giovanni) a group of adventurers on the Tuscany &… Continue reading “Exploring Cinque Terre – A True Historical Delight”

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall – A Traveler’s Perspective

Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most popular attractions in Northern England. It stretches for a remarkable 73 miles through rolling lush countryside (with many a lounging sheep!), past imposing abandoned forts, by impressive castles and through the vibrant cities of Newcastle and Carlisle. Rick Otis, a long-time Zephyr traveler, took this… Continue reading “Hadrian’s Wall – A Traveler’s Perspective”

Peru Inca Trail Hiking

4 Misconceptions About Hiking the Inca Trail Revisited

If you’re a Zephyr alumni, you know that we thrive on your input! We survey our travelers after every trip in order to continuously improve our tours year after year. We also conduct other surveys to help us understand your wants, needs, and goals. In the past, we conducted a survey asking… Continue reading “4 Misconceptions About Hiking the Inca Trail Revisited”

Getting out of your comfort zone - Tahoe

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has their boundaries or personal limits of just how far we’ll push ourselves both mentally and physically. From time to time, breaking out of your comfort zone is necessary to ensure that you continue to grow and learn as a person, and so life doesn’t get stagnant and stale. This is… Continue reading “Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Prayer Flags

Top 5 Questions for Traveling to Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most fascinating and welcoming countries in the world, and is one of the few places left that has, for the most part, yet to be influenced by Western culture. It’s a perfect destination for adventure travelers with its remote hiking trails and enchanting culture. Zephyr offers two options on… Continue reading “Top 5 Questions for Traveling to Bhutan”

Travel Inspiration: Always Take the Scenic Route

Travel Inspiration – Fueling Your Wanderlust

WANDERLUST |ˈWÄNDƏRˌLƏST| (N.) A STRONG, INNATE DESIRE TO WANDER OR TRAVEL Who doesn’t love to daydream about where you’d like to travel to next? To think about the people you will meet, the places you will see, and the food you will eat.  To get excited about immersing yourself in another culture… Continue reading “Travel Inspiration – Fueling Your Wanderlust”

Inca Trail Earth Day at Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Trek – Amazing Journey, Amazing Views

Hiking the Inca Trail is on many people’s bucket lists – and for good reason! The scenery, culture, and altitude make the journey on the trail a memorable experience. This past April, Jack Witt, our friend and fitness, wellness, and life coach, led a group of adventurers across the Classic Inca Trail. “This really… Continue reading “Inca Trail Trek – Amazing Journey, Amazing Views”

Patagonia Karen in front of Las Torres

The Power of Nature

“What was the highlight of your trip?” After each Zephyr tour we run, we ask participants to complete an online evaluation and rate every aspect of their adventure from food and lodging to guides, routes, and activities. But the highlight question is the very first one we ask and, I’ll admit, my… Continue reading “The Power of Nature”