Mosel Valley Biking

The Easiest Bike Tour Location in the World? Try the Mosel Valley

We have been running inline skating tours in the Mosel Valley since 2007. That alone should tell you the location is flat with well-maintained pavement. The beautiful thing about the Mosel Valley as a bike tour location is the Germany government has created paved paths on both sides of the river for hundreds of… Continue reading “The Easiest Bike Tour Location in the World? Try the Mosel Valley”

Mosel Valley is a World Class Skate Tour Destination

We recently completed a Mosel Valley Skating Adventure, which took place July 17-23, 2016. This is the third time I have run this tour but the first for us in six years. I must admit I was shocked to not have accurately remembered how great the Mosel Valley is for a skate… Continue reading “Mosel Valley is a World Class Skate Tour Destination”

Skating and Biking Along the Mosel Valley

I cannot say the Mosel Valley Skating Adventure is my favorite skate tour of all time. We simply have too many tours in great locations we have run over the years. But it is pretty dang spectacular. Here are some of the features that make our Mosel Skating Adventure (which is open… Continue reading “Skating and Biking Along the Mosel Valley”

Oktoberfest – A Global-To-Local Celebration

For any beer loving imbiber, celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany will rank high on one’s bucket list. Oktoberfest in Munich can be one of those life-affirming events where copious amounts of beer are served, friendships are forged despite language barriers, roller coasters cruise, and John Denver’s “Country Roads” play over and over… Continue reading “Oktoberfest – A Global-To-Local Celebration”

How to Make a Travel Blog

Gone are the days of projector slideshow recaps of your summer vacation.  Yet in a digital age, there’s even more to share with your friends and family!  I have been sharing my photos, videos and thoughts from my travels on my Facebook for years, but it doesn’t offer the organization or presentation… Continue reading “How to Make a Travel Blog”

Choosing an Active European Vacation

There are hundreds of active European adventures you could choose to do on your vacation. At Zephyr Adventures, we have run active tours in a total of 11 different locations in Europe, although we don’t run every trip every year. If you are an active traveler, how do you decide which Zephyr… Continue reading “Choosing an Active European Vacation”