Horseback Riding in Chile

Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?

Many solo, first-time Zephyr folks are uncertain about joining a group tour full of people they don’t know. But we’ve seen it time and time again where people come to the trip as strangers and leave as close friends. It’s the kind of “human magic” that Zephyr thrives on! Get a group… Continue reading “Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?”

Taste Vacations: Expanding our Food, Wine, and Beer Tours

We at Zephyr Adventures are entering our 18th season of running active vacations around the world and these years have been full of change. We started as the world’s first inline skating tour company; expanded to multisport tours that include skating; branched off into other activities as we lived through the decline… Continue reading “Taste Vacations: Expanding our Food, Wine, and Beer Tours”

Wine Tasting 101

If you’ve never been wine tasting, or haven’t done so often, you might be under the impression that wine tasting has to be a complicated process filled with opportunities for faux pas. It doesn’t have to be this way. At Zephyr Adventures we spend a great deal of time selecting which vineyards… Continue reading “Wine Tasting 101”

Still Rolling After 15 Years

Today is April 4, 2012.  Fifteen years ago today, Allan Wright quit his corporate job with food company Cargill, and Zephyr Adventures (formerly called Zephyr Inline Skate Tours) was born.  “Rolling” is a great metaphor to describe Zephyr’s journey, as we have certainly done our share of rolling with the punches in… Continue reading “Still Rolling After 15 Years”

How to Make a Travel Blog

Gone are the days of projector slideshow recaps of your summer vacation.  Yet in a digital age, there’s even more to share with your friends and family!  I have been sharing my photos, videos and thoughts from my travels on my Facebook for years, but it doesn’t offer the organization or presentation… Continue reading “How to Make a Travel Blog”

16 Best Malbecs from Mendoza

(Note: this blog post is written by Kris Thomas, Zephyr Adventures’ Customer Care Czar, Tour Operations Specialist, and Veteran Guide.) I am by no means an expert (yet) on wine, but I know what I like!  And I like South American wines, particularly Carmeneres and Malbecs, more than wines from anywhere else… Continue reading “16 Best Malbecs from Mendoza”

Two Tragedies: Peru and Chile

Two of my favorite countries suffered tragedies within the last month. Peru was struck by massive flooding in the beginning of February and Chile just experienced a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami. The flooding in Peru was in the news mostly because almost 1000 travelers were stranded at Machu Picchu due… Continue reading “Two Tragedies: Peru and Chile”

Chile and Argentina Active Wine Tour

When I write blog entries trying to summarize one of our tours, I usually try to focus on one angle that gives readers a good idea of the overall picture. I find myself struggling to do that with our Chile & Argentina Wine Adventure, which I just completed two days ago. I… Continue reading “Chile and Argentina Active Wine Tour”

Trekking at the Tip of the World: Patagonia

I recently returned from a nine-day Trekking Adventure in Patagonia with eight Zephyr travelers.  My major impression prior to the trip: Patagonia is a land of mystery.  My impression now that I am back a few weeks: Patagonia is a land of mystery!  I’d like to use this post to clear up… Continue reading “Trekking at the Tip of the World: Patagonia”