Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs. Reality

Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs Reality

Ever thought about trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro but not sure what to expect? Last year, Kris Keys, our loveable, long-time guide and alumni ambassador, along with a great group of explorers, ventured up the bucket-list-worthy mountain. Kris shares her perspective on what she expected before the trip and what the actual reality of… Continue reading “Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro: Expectations Vs Reality”

Peru Machu Picchu

Sweeping You Away to New Locales

Last fall, Zephyr launched our first Peru: Machu Picchu & Easier Inca Trail Adventure and hosted journalist RoseAnna Schick as one of our guests. She recently published an article in the Winnipeg Free Press about her experience on the trip as well as her interview with our owner, Allan Wright. Here’s an… Continue reading “Sweeping You Away to New Locales”

Zephyr United Annual Meeting

Looking to the Future: Planning Another Adventurous Year

Each year the Zephyr Adventures and Taste Vacations team meets up in person to strategize and plan for the coming year with not only each other but our counterparts on the Zephyr Conferences team, making us one, big, happy Zephyr United family. This is a big deal as we are a 100%… Continue reading “Looking to the Future: Planning Another Adventurous Year”

Breaking Down on the Malecon - A true people-to-people experience

Breaking Down On The Malecon: A Real Cuba People-to-People Experience

As a U.S. citizen traveling to Cuba, your trip must fit one of 12 categories laid out by the U.S. government. For Zephyr, our Cuba adventure falls under the educational category of a people-to-people exchange where we specifically schedule in time to meet with local Cubans, learn about their history and culture,… Continue reading “Breaking Down On The Malecon: A Real Cuba People-to-People Experience”

Why buy travel insurance for your next adventure?

Why Buy Travel Insurance For Your Next Adventure?

For even the most prepared, seasoned travelers, there are always things that will be outside of your control – weather, natural disasters, strikes, political unrest, illness, and injury to name a few. When these things happen, you may not be able to recover the money you spent on flights, hotels, or excursions,… Continue reading “Why Buy Travel Insurance For Your Next Adventure?”

Zephyr Adventures 20 years

2017: Celebrating 20 Years of Adventures

2017 was a special year for us here at Zephyr. It marked 20 incredible years of skating, hiking, biking, and adventuring. We explored several new destinations, like Cuba and Portugal, and revisited some old favorites, like the Grand Tetons and Chile & Argentina. We gathered and reminisced with a large number of… Continue reading “2017: Celebrating 20 Years of Adventures”

The Pros and Cons of E-Bikes

The Pros & Cons of E-Bikes

On our recent Sicily Biking Adventure (which we rated as Moderate/Difficult, due to the hills), nearly half the group of 22 bikers elected to use an e-bike. What is an e-bike, you ask? The “e” stands for electric. You might imagine a scooter or electric motorcycle, but e-bikes are like regular bikes… Continue reading “The Pros & Cons of E-Bikes”

Trois Reasons We Heart Skating in Quebec

Our Top Trois Reasons We Heart Skating In Québec

We ran our very first Québec skating trip in 2007 – ten years ago! Over the years, we have refined the itinerary of this adventure and now spend two nights at a posh resort in the ski town of the Mont-Tremblant, surrounded by vast forests and the Laurentian Mountains, followed by two… Continue reading “Our Top Trois Reasons We Heart Skating In Québec”

The Ultimate Family Vacation

Embarking On The Ultimate Family Vacation – Yellowstone!

All of us at Zephyr Adventures love Yellowstone. It is truly an amazing national park and, located as it is in the backyard of our headquarters in Red Lodge, Montana, we think it is the single best park in the world. Geysers, mudpots, wild animals, and beautiful scenery all combine to make… Continue reading “Embarking On The Ultimate Family Vacation – Yellowstone!”

How to enjoy a snow day in Yellowstone

How To Enjoy Winter In Yellowstone

A visit to Yellowstone, our country’s first (and in my opinion, best) national park, is a phenomenal experience like no other. But in the winter, a visit there is transformed to nearly a holy pilgrimage to Mother Nature herself. There are no crowds to distract you from the steaming horizons, blinding sunlight… Continue reading “How To Enjoy Winter In Yellowstone”

Julian Alps Trek

Q&A: Trekking in the Julian Alps of Slovenia

We asked Kit and Court Richards, longtime Zephyr alums and very experienced hikers, to give “real” answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions we have been getting about our Slovenia: Julian Alps Trek. Kit and Court live in Red Lodge, where Zephyr is headquartered, and did a Julian Alps trek last… Continue reading “Q&A: Trekking in the Julian Alps of Slovenia”

North Carolina New Belgium Brewery

Why Visit Asheville – the Ultimate Craft & Adventure Playground?

Travelers have long been drawn to Asheville, North Carolina for its scenic vistas, stunning waterfalls, and fresh mountain air.  Today, Asheville attracts not only outdoor enthusiasts but craft beer, food, and art lovers alike. Because of this, Zephyr Conferences, a sister company of Zephyr Adventures, hosted the first ever Beer Marketing & Tourism… Continue reading “Why Visit Asheville – the Ultimate Craft & Adventure Playground?”

Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun

Years ago I spent six months living in Tucson, Arizona. I very much enjoyed the city, including the people, the university, the sunshine, and the seasonal monsoons. Two of the activities I most enjoyed were skating on the paved paths of the city and hiking on the surrounding trails – especially in… Continue reading “Tucson: Skating in the Winter Sun”

What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?

What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?

Boss’s Day is the ultimate Hallmark holiday. However, it is important for the simple reason that the boss rarely gets pats on the back, which is something we all appreciate and need from time to time. Our team at Zephyr wanted to share with you why we love working for Allan and… Continue reading “What Makes Allan Wright A Great Boss?”

Adventure + Language = An Exciting New Kind of Vacation

Adventure + Language = An Exciting New Kind of Vacation

For the past 20 years, we’ve been offering adventures all over the world focusing on touring new destinations by hike, skate, bike, kayak, and any other form of adventurous mode of exploration.  This time around we are trying something new – in addition to focusing on adventure, we’ll also be focusing on… Continue reading “Adventure + Language = An Exciting New Kind of Vacation”