Peru: Machu Picchu & Easier Inca Trail

  • Location: Peru
  • Dates: Oct 8-Oct 14 2017
  • Cost: $2,997 per person ($800 single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking

If you have always wanted to hike the Inca Trail but were intimidated by the challenging terrain, the steepness, the altitude, or the length of the Classic Inca Trail route, we now have an option for you (and it doesn't include any camping)! You can hike only the best section of the trail in one day (10 kilometers).

Bhutan Photography Adventure with Clifford Pickett

  • Location: Bhutan
  • Dates: Nov 7-Nov 16 2017
  • Cost: $4,950 per person ($900 single supplement)
  • Activities: Photography and cultural activities

With its mystical spiritual nature and exotic aura, it’s no wonder people want to visit Bhutan. We meet you in Bangkok before flying to Paro together. Here you'll experience the unique Bhutanese culture and environment first-hand, either by an exciting and challenging mountain trek or a fascinating cultural tour. Whichever you choose, you will be able to immerse yourself fully in the country and its people.

Portugal Wine & Hike Adventure

  • Location: Portugal
  • Dates: May 14-May 20 2018
  • Cost: $3,100 per person ($900 single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking

We'll be exploring some of Portugal's most beautiful coastal cliff trails, pristine beaches, and quaint villages. From historically charming Lisbon to sun-kissed Lagos, stopping to sample cheese, olive oil, seafood, and of course, wine!

Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

  • Location: Tanzania
  • Dates: Jul 20-Jul 29 2018
  • Cost: $3,600 per person ($600 single supplement)
  • Activities: Trekking

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the most accessible and extraordinary adventures in the world. We will hike the Lemosho Route, which has a slightly easier grade, allowing more of our guests to summit. This is your opportunity to spend 9 days hiking on some of the most spectacular terrain in Africa.

Slovenia: Julian Alps Trek

  • Location: Slovenia
  • Dates: Sep 8-Sep 13 2018
  • Cost: $2,750 per person ($250 Applies only to our hotel nights (Nights 1 & 5) single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking

Known as "Europe in Miniature" due to its tiny size yet varying landscape, Slovenia is only half the size of Switzerland but is filled to the brim with stunning peaks, lush forests, rushing rivers, flower-filled valleys, and charming mountain villages. On this tour, we'll be hiking from hut to hut in the breathtaking Julian Alps.

Slovenia Hike & Food Adventure

  • Location: Slovenia
  • Dates: Sep 23-Sep 28 2018
  • Cost: $2,950 per person ($1,000 single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking

Slovenia offers a wide variety of diverse landscapes, including rushing rivers, gorgeous valleys, charming villages, dense forests, and soaring mountain peaks - all within a country about only half the size of Switzerland! Join us on this 6-day adventure as we explore both the magnificent highs (mountains) and stunning lows (river gorges) of Slovenia.

Peru Transformational Journey

  • Location: Peru
  • Dates: Oct 7-Oct 13 2018
  • Cost: $3,650 per person ($1,000 single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking, Transformational Activities

Travel to Peru and Machu Picchu, one of the most spiritual places in the world, on a Transformational Journey with Zephyr Adventures.

Arizona: Tucson Skate & Hike Adventure

  • Location: Arizona
  • Dates: Dec 2-Dec 6 2018
  • Cost: $2,250 per person ($900 single supplement)
  • Activities: Hiking & Skating

On this tour, we'll spend five days exploring the Tuscon area by foot and skate, gliding on smooth, paved paths along riverbeds and hiking through the most biodiverse desert in North America, the Sonoran Desert.