Yellowstone in the Winter – Big Animals in Big Sky Country

Zephyr Adventures completed a 4-night, 5-day cross-country ski and snowshoe tour in Montana and Yellowstone National Park in February.  Sub-zero temperatures and tromping through the woods may not be some peoples’ idea of a good time but the rich, inviting beauty of seeing Big Sky country in all its glory and with just a… Continue reading “Yellowstone in the Winter – Big Animals in Big Sky Country”

Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Wine often expresses a sense of place.  Place is attributed to by a number of different factors:  layers of mineral deposits and sediments left after millions of years of geologic activity that contribute to different flavor profiles; climatic factors like temperature patterns & annual precipitation that have an effect on vine growth and, therefore,… Continue reading “Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA”

Zephyr Adventures Back From Paso Robles, CA

Zephyr Adventures has been showing people a good time for over 17 years.  Whether it’s riding a bike through the countryside or hiking through vineyards, Zephyr Adventures usually says Cheers! with a pint of beer or glass of wine in hand at the end of the active day.   Given our penchant… Continue reading “Zephyr Adventures Back From Paso Robles, CA”

Will Travel For Beer

People travel for a number of different reasons: to hike in a different mountain chain they’ve never been to before; to experience, first hand, a different way of life; to eat and drink like a local.  The burgeoning craft beer scene in the United States affords the beer enthusiast who likes to… Continue reading “Will Travel For Beer”

Come Rico, Come Sano, Come Peruano

“Eat well, eat healthy, eat Peruvian” is a theme of the Mistura food festival in Peru held every year in September.  Latin America’s largest fête of the gastronomic world, la Mistura (“mixture” in English) is a cultural celebration that honors a country rich in biodiversity, sophisticated in temperament, and embracing of bold… Continue reading “Come Rico, Come Sano, Come Peruano”

Will Hike for Wine

Zephyr’s New Zealand Multisport & Wine Adventure is our newest fun wine adventure in 2014.  As of this posting, there is only room enough for one more traveler on this trip of a lifetime.  This epic adventure combines trekking the world-renowned Queen Charlotte Track on the north coast of the South Island… Continue reading “Will Hike for Wine”

Painting a Picture of Provence

The Provencal region of southeastern France is bathed in sunlight.  Van Gogh was inspired by this area’s abundance of sunshine and perfect light; Starry Night, the nighttime impression of the beauty of nature outside the village of Saint-Remy, was created here, among almost 300 other works of art.  Looking around the village… Continue reading “Painting a Picture of Provence”

Season’s Greetings, Kiwi Style

  The month of December is celebrated in many different ways, shapes, and forms around this big world.  Prime rib roast feasts, Hallmark Channel reruns, and flocked Christmas trees are typical in the United States in December.  But what about the other countries out there whose holiday traditions can vary greatly compared… Continue reading “Season’s Greetings, Kiwi Style”

$100 Travel Gift Card Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter – Through Dec. 6!

Did that extra dose of turkey tryptophan push you over the edge last week and leave you in a dreamlike state?  Dreams that involved walking off the overindulgent calories through the vineyards of the Willamette Valley wine country or up and over the Andes and into the Malbec producing land surrounding Mendoza,… Continue reading “$100 Travel Gift Card Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter – Through Dec. 6!”

On the road – Ciao, Puglia!

This first person post comes to you from the Puglia region in southern Italy.  Known for its large production of olive oil that actually surpasses that of northern Italy, an increasingly visible wine industry, and a distinctive landscape that combines white washed, Mediterranean style homes and equally white washed beaches. I am… Continue reading “On the road – Ciao, Puglia!”

Crushing It In Oregon – Active Wine Touring, Pacific Northwest Style

 The word “crush”, in wine terms, refers to pressing grapes after they have been harvested in order to extract all the lovely qualities out of them for our sipping pleasure.  The carbonated beverage, Grape Crush, brings up memories of sweet, candied soda pop…the sticky stuff that makes childhood dreams come true.  “Crushing… Continue reading “Crushing It In Oregon – Active Wine Touring, Pacific Northwest Style”

Wine’s Sense of Place – The American Viticultural Area

There is a lot of hard work that goes into producing that bottle of wine you are thinking of plucking off the retail shelves for tonight’s dinner…as a libation derived from one of the world’s oldest ways of life, wine is fundamentally a byproduct of farming (and of course, fermentation…).  And farming… Continue reading “Wine’s Sense of Place – The American Viticultural Area”