7 New Tours for 2018

Announcing the 2018 Zephyr Adventures Schedule!

Each year in September we roll out the new tour schedule for the following years. The 2018 schedule is live now.

We are very excited to again be offering quite a few brand-new trips we hope you will find exciting:

  • On February 25, we will test a new concept that combines adventure travel with Spanish language instruction on our Costa Rica Multisport – Spanish Language Experience tour. This trip will still take place in English so you need not be fluent to attend; we will have a professional Spanish instructor on the tour with us.
  • On May 20, we will offer another new vacation idea, a Multisport and MultiCraft Tour in Asheville, North Carolina. What is a Multicraft tour? In addition to hiking, biking, and horseback riding we will be visiting local breweries and wineries, eating farm-to-table dinners, purchasing lunch at one of North Carolina’s state-sponsored farmers markets, and conducting tastings of chocolate, ice cream, and other local products.
  • We have added THREE new tours in Slovenia and Croatia, two hot spots in the world travel stage: a Trek in the Julian Alps of Slovenia on September 8, a Croatia Multisport Adventure on September 15, and a Slovenia Hike & Food Adventure on September 23. These are two exciting countries and three amazing trips, set up so you can combine two (or three!) vacations together if you wish.
  • On October 7, we will run a Peru Transformational Journey. What is a “transformational” journey? In addition to the amazing culture and hiking in Peru, this trip includes a program of personal transformation you will undertake with your fellow travelers, led by certified Nurse Practitioner and integrated medicine expert Karen Preston. Hike, practice yoga and mediation, and earn about the importance of overall mind, body, and spiritual health in the amazing country of Peru.
  • Finally, starting on December 2, we will offer a Tucson Skate & Hike Adventure in Arizona. Everyone knows Tucson is a great place to visit in the winter. And some people might even know the city has fantastic hiking in the ring of mountains surrounding Tucson, with saguaro cactus at every turn. But most people don’t know of the 100+ miles of paved trails in the Tucson “Loop”, which connects many parts of the city and is perfect for a winter inline skating destination.

Our 20-year anniversary in 2017 is coming to a close and we appreciate all of you who traveled with us. Somehow we got caught up in the enthusiasm and added these amazing seven new tours, on top of our traditional list of vacations in places like Portugal, Italy, Tanzania, Mexico, Germany, and many more.

I hope you can join us in 2018 as we look forward to another 20 years!

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