Adventure + Language = An Exciting New Kind of Vacation

Adventure + Language = An Exciting New Kind of Vacation

For the past 20 years, we’ve been offering adventures all over the world focusing on touring new destinations by hike, skate, bike, kayak, and any other form of adventurous mode of exploration.  This time around we are trying something new – in addition to focusing on adventure, we’ll also be focusing on refining our Spanish language skills on the Costa Rica Multisport – Spanish Language Experience

We’ll have our typical Zephyr itinerary of physical activities such as hiking through rainforests and up volcanoes, rafting down rivers, and swimming underneath waterfalls. Additionally, we’ll be setting aside time each day for a Spanish language lesson, catered to your ability level, and given by a professional Spanish instructor. 

Now the concept of traveling somewhere to learn a new language is not new.  There are plenty of language immersion programs out there where you spend 6-weeks or more immersing yourself in the culture, staying with a host family, and taking the time to truly learn the language. But given the busy world we live in today, who has time to take 6-weeks off of work to do just that? 
Costa Rica Arenal Volcano

The Costa Rica Multisport – Spanish Language Experience is for people that are looking for a fun way to practice and improve their Spanish in real-life settings while still getting to explore the magnificent natural wonders this incredible country holds. You absolutely don’t need to be fluent to come on this trip, though we would recommend having some knowledge of the Spanish language – even if the last lesson you took was back in high school! Our professional instructor will work with you to build up your proficiency at whatever skill level you are currently at.

You may be asking yourself, why Costa Rica? We specifically chose Costa Rica because it is known as a thrill-seekers paradise with its lush rainforests, impressive volcanoes, pristine rushing rivers, and incredible beaches. It boasts 5% of the world’s biodiversity (over 615 wildlife species per 10,000 sq km!), even though it makes up just 0.03 % of the planet. And it is home to numerous national parks to the point where around a quarter of the country is part of protected forest or reserve. This, quite frankly, makes it the perfect setting to test out our new adventure+language tour format. 

So what do you say, wanna be our guinea pig? :)


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  1. This sounds amazing! Offering the ability to tour the area as well as learn the language sounds like a sure fire way for someone who is trying to assimilate into a new area to adjust much quicker than they would normally be able to. Thank you for offering this!

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