Inca Trail By Alexei Dmitriev

Retracing the Steps of the Royal Road

Last April, Zephyr hosted journalist Alexei Dmitriev on the Peru: Classic Inca Trail & Machu Picchu Trek Adventure. He has since written about his experience in frankly, one of the most eloquent travel stories we have read about the Inca Trail and Peru. Here is an excerpt of his writing:

“Moss-fringed tree branches fade into the fog on my right. To my left, an invisible stream down below whispers a sibilant-rich refrain: this abyss is not bottomless. The coca leaves I’m chewing are supposed to mitigate the loopy fatigue of high-altitude exertion, but the full benefits seem to be eluding me. Walking in the clouds is not easy. Nevertheless, despite this long uphill stretch in the rarified air, I am euphoric while Machu Picchu-bound on the Inca Trail.”

Thank you, Alexei for writing such an evocative article.

You can read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Alexei Dmitriev

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