20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!

Join us in celebrating Zephyr’s 20th anniversary! Starting out as the world’s first inline skate tour company, we’ve expanded over the years to include hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. We’ve loved every minute of the past twenty years and are looking forward to sharing many more incredible experiences with… Continue reading “20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!”


Portugal: The Living Embodiment of a Dream Come True

I will never forget the year I chased fall to the end of November while traveling through Portugal. As a Montana native, I expect snow in October, every year. Perhaps that is why my memories of my time there are so special to me. Or perhaps it is just Portugal’s beauty, Vinho… Continue reading “Portugal: The Living Embodiment of a Dream Come True”

Mosel Valley Wines: A Challenge Worth Taking

My favorite book on wine, Karen MacNeil’s The Wine Bible, says “The Mosel is where Germany’s most ravishingly elegant wines are made.” Ravishingly elegant. Sounds worth trying. But Mosel Valley wines are a challenge, for three reasons. In general, German wines are hard to understand and, because of this, many consumers either… Continue reading “Mosel Valley Wines: A Challenge Worth Taking”

Wine Tourism Day 2015

Wine Tourism Day – Giving Back to the Community with Wine!

We have a passion for combining our love of wine with our love of travel by exploring the diverse and distinct wine regions of the world. We also love sharing that passion with others. Heck, that’s why we offer multiple wine adventures a year, organize the Wine Tourism Conference, the Wine Bloggers… Continue reading “Wine Tourism Day – Giving Back to the Community with Wine!”

Ventosa Vineyards WBC

What the heck is a Wine Bloggers Conference anyways?

Though you may have read our previous post about the Wine Bloggers Conference, you may still be scratching your head and wondering – what does that actually mean? This past weekend I, along with my esteemed colleagues, were lucky enough to join about 225 wine bloggers, writers, and industry folk in Corning,… Continue reading “What the heck is a Wine Bloggers Conference anyways?”

Finger Lakes Wine Country

Wine Bloggers Conference: Exploring the Finger Lakes Wine Country

Coming off the great success of the sold-out Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference held in Beer City, US (Asheville, NC), Zephyr is rolling right into our next exciting event of the summer, the Wine Bloggers Conference. We’ll be joining over 200 wine bloggers and industry folks for a delightfully educational and fun few days (August 13… Continue reading “Wine Bloggers Conference: Exploring the Finger Lakes Wine Country”

Travel Inspiration: Always Take the Scenic Route

Travel Inspiration – Fueling Your Wanderlust

WANDERLUST |ˈWÄNDƏRˌLƏST| (N.) A STRONG, INNATE DESIRE TO WANDER OR TRAVEL Who doesn’t love to daydream about where you’d like to travel to next? To think about the people you will meet, the places you will see, and the food you will eat.  To get excited about immersing yourself in another culture… Continue reading “Travel Inspiration – Fueling Your Wanderlust”


Raising A Glass (and Swirling, Sniffing and Tasting) to Wine Education

If you are into wine, you may already know what the WSET acronym stands for. If not, here is the quick answer: Wine & Spirit Education Trust. WSET is a prestigious educator in the world of wine and spirits and provides highly sought-after qualifications for wine and spirit professionals, such as our… Continue reading “Raising A Glass (and Swirling, Sniffing and Tasting) to Wine Education”

Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Wine often expresses a sense of place.  Place is attributed to by a number of different factors:  layers of mineral deposits and sediments left after millions of years of geologic activity that contribute to different flavor profiles; climatic factors like temperature patterns & annual precipitation that have an effect on vine growth and, therefore,… Continue reading “Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA”

Zephyr Adventures Launches New Tour Company: Taste Vacations

We at Zephyr Adventures are extremely proud to announce Taste Vacations, a new luxury travel company that focuses on food, wine, beer, and spirits tours in premier travel destinations around the world. We have been organizing active tours around the globe for the past 17 years now, starting as an inline skating… Continue reading “Zephyr Adventures Launches New Tour Company: Taste Vacations”

Provence, France: Gourmet Day of Bicycling

If we are so modest as to say so ourselves, on our Provence Biking, Food, and Wine Adventure we have a truly spectacular day set up that perfectly combines these three elements. We call this day “Bike for Lunch” and it involves multiple stops at local food and wine establishments in the… Continue reading “Provence, France: Gourmet Day of Bicycling”

Come Rico, Come Sano, Come Peruano

“Eat well, eat healthy, eat Peruvian” is a theme of the Mistura food festival in Peru held every year in September.  Latin America’s largest fête of the gastronomic world, la Mistura (“mixture” in English) is a cultural celebration that honors a country rich in biodiversity, sophisticated in temperament, and embracing of bold… Continue reading “Come Rico, Come Sano, Come Peruano”

Will Hike for Wine

Zephyr’s New Zealand Multisport & Wine Adventure is our newest fun wine adventure in 2014.  As of this posting, there is only room enough for one more traveler on this trip of a lifetime.  This epic adventure combines trekking the world-renowned Queen Charlotte Track on the north coast of the South Island… Continue reading “Will Hike for Wine”

Painting a Picture of Provence

The Provencal region of southeastern France is bathed in sunlight.  Van Gogh was inspired by this area’s abundance of sunshine and perfect light; Starry Night, the nighttime impression of the beauty of nature outside the village of Saint-Remy, was created here, among almost 300 other works of art.  Looking around the village… Continue reading “Painting a Picture of Provence”

Zephyr is Hiring: Four Reasons I Love Being An Adventure Travel Guide

In light of our upcoming search for a new guide for our active wine tours, we asked one of our longtime guides, Kris Thomas, to share her personal favorite aspects of guiding People. Happy People! This is surely the top reason for me.  I love people. While I am guiding, I get… Continue reading “Zephyr is Hiring: Four Reasons I Love Being An Adventure Travel Guide”