Biking in Sicily

5 Interesting Facts About the Island of Sicily

As you may be aware, this year is Zephyr Adventures’ 20th Anniversary and to celebrate we added five new adventures to our schedule, including the Sicily Bike Adventure coming up this fall.  As we gear up for our inaugural tour of this iconic island, we thought it would be fun to share a few fascinating… Continue reading “5 Interesting Facts About the Island of Sicily”

Beach at Sicily

Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean

“Sicily is the pearl of this century…Since old times, travelers from the most far away country…boast of its merits, praise its territory, rave about its extraordinary beauty, and highlight its strengths…because it brings together the best aspects from every other country.” – Al-Idrisi, Arab geographer, The Book of Roger, 1138 – 54… Continue reading “Discovering Sicily, the Pearl for the Mediterranean”

20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!

Join us in celebrating Zephyr’s 20th anniversary! Starting out as the world’s first inline skate tour company, we’ve expanded over the years to include hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. We’ve loved every minute of the past twenty years and are looking forward to sharing many more incredible experiences with… Continue reading “20th Anniversary Sale – Now Through Jan. 31st!”

Travel Tips

How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible

Getting your passport stolen, having your bank freeze your account, or getting injured or sick just before or during your trip can make your vacation quickly go from a relaxing experience to a stressful one.  We collaborated with our sister company, Taste Vacations, to come up with a list of travel tips… Continue reading “How to Make Your Next Trip Go As Smoothly As Possible”

Mosel Valley Biking

The Easiest Bike Tour Location in the World? Try the Mosel Valley

We have been running inline skating tours in the Mosel Valley since 2007. That alone should tell you the location is flat with well-maintained pavement. The beautiful thing about the Mosel Valley as a bike tour location is the Germany government has created paved paths on both sides of the river for hundreds of… Continue reading “The Easiest Bike Tour Location in the World? Try the Mosel Valley”

GPS on Bike Tours

The Terrific Addition of GPS on Bike Tours

Some people find written directions easy to follow while navigating on a bike. Others find them confusing. With the technology available today, most people are used to having step-by-step GPS directions readily available on their phone. While traveling abroad though, your phone may not be able to pull up the smaller country… Continue reading “The Terrific Addition of GPS on Bike Tours”

Horseback Riding in Chile

Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?

Many solo, first-time Zephyr folks are uncertain about joining a group tour full of people they don’t know. But we’ve seen it time and time again where people come to the trip as strangers and leave as close friends. It’s the kind of “human magic” that Zephyr thrives on! Get a group… Continue reading “Nervous About Traveling with a Group as a Solo Traveler?”

For the love of Italy

An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy

Buongiorno fellow travelers, lovers of wine, diners of homemade pasta, and of course, those thrill seeking, bike riding, old souls that feel at home where I do, in my beloved Italy. There is a reason Italy historically ranks as one of the top 5 travel destinations in the world each year. This country… Continue reading “An Open Invitation to Explore Your Love of Italy”

Skating and Biking Along the Mosel Valley

I cannot say the Mosel Valley Skating Adventure is my favorite skate tour of all time. We simply have too many tours in great locations we have run over the years. But it is pretty dang spectacular. Here are some of the features that make our Mosel Skating Adventure (which is open… Continue reading “Skating and Biking Along the Mosel Valley”

Dana Grandparents Provence Tour

A Journey Through Family History

When Dana Norvell decided to go on the Provence Biking Adventure, it wasn’t just a chance to bike through the beautiful lavender fields or to indulge in the delicious French cuisine. It was a chance to journey through her own personal family history.     “Traveling to France was always on my list… Continue reading “A Journey Through Family History”

The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Trip

Since we’ve been in the adventure travel business for almost two decades, we’re asked quite frequently about what’s the best travel gear to bring on one of our adventures. We’ve pulled together a few recommendations below- though certainly not an exhaustive list, it’s a great place to start. (Please note: Zephyr Adventures has… Continue reading “The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Trip”

Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Wine often expresses a sense of place.  Place is attributed to by a number of different factors:  layers of mineral deposits and sediments left after millions of years of geologic activity that contribute to different flavor profiles; climatic factors like temperature patterns & annual precipitation that have an effect on vine growth and, therefore,… Continue reading “Oregon Wine Adventure – A Closeup Look at the Eola-Amity Hills AVA”

Provence, France: Gourmet Day of Bicycling

If we are so modest as to say so ourselves, on our Provence Biking, Food, and Wine Adventure we have a truly spectacular day set up that perfectly combines these three elements. We call this day “Bike for Lunch” and it involves multiple stops at local food and wine establishments in the… Continue reading “Provence, France: Gourmet Day of Bicycling”