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Conference Host Application

Zephyr Adventures organizes the Wine Bloggers Conference, the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in North America and Europe, the International Food Blogger Conference, the FitBloggin' Conference, and the Wine Tourism Conference. Each conference rotates to a new city each year and we are thus always looking for host locations. In general, our location criteria include:
  • Location in an area appropriate to that conference - a wine region, a noted beer city with multiple breweries, a respected food city, or a city with a focus on health and fitness.
  • Strong support from local tourism or business promotion organizations. We usually ask the location host organizations to sponsor or find sponsors for two conference dinners, help with publicity, connect us to local sponsors, etc.
  • Additional support from local sponsors who often take several key sponsorship roles before a conference is even announced. These can be secured in advance during the process of bidding on a conference or can be "guaranteed" by the main local host partner and found later.
  • An excellent host hotel that will provide us with conference space, is very willing to work with us on our unique needs (specifically, allowing us to bring in food and drink), and is located in an attractive city. Our expected conference sizes are approximately: 100 (European Beer), 250 (FitBloggin'), 180 (North American Beer), 250 (Wine Tourism), and 350 (Wine Bloggers and Food Bloggers).
  • We take into account the opinions of our alumni communities, giving them a large say in the final decision.
If you would like to apply to be a host location for one of our future conferences, please fill out the form below. Our process generally starts in the spring of each year and our location decisions are made early each summer for the following year.

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Are your local organizations able to sponsor at minimum the two conference dinners for attendees and possibly other key sponsorships? Please explain.
What other support can your local or state organizations provide the conference (PR, other sponsors, keynote speakers, specific activities, etc.)
Do you have one or more hotels in mind for possible host hotels?

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